Intricate, determined, and generally all about,

What is it that has them so intrigued?

Is it the air? Is it the world? Is it the businesses of others?

That makes these people tick?


Falling, rising, questioning without a doubt,

What has them so on edge?

Is it the history around them? Is it the karma seeping through?

That makes these people scared?


Sadness, tears, and making a pout,

What unveils the bitterness?

Is it the actions? Is it the words? Is it the superiority, jumping in?

That makes these people feel?


Loving, hoping, crying take over thought,

What creates these emotions, that create depth?

Is it the experiences they have faced? Is it the shame they can take? Is it the promise of freedom?

That makes these people worship?


Praying, kneeling, bowing is so devout,

What takes these people to their Gods?

Is it their faith? Is it their devotion? Is it the lies they hear from others?

That makes these people live?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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