Perfect Human


I'm only one out of 7 billion.

My home is round and weighs more than a million.


I'm courageous and insecure,

I'm a mess, a beautiful one for sure.

I'm overly positive and negative at the same time,

I always complain, but despise people that whine.


I'm the best, but I always loose,

I make decisions and forget which to choose.

 I'm not pretty, but I dress so well,

I'm so crazy, can you tell? 


I'm confusing, and so understanding,

I love flying, but I hate landing.

I'm perfection, don't you see?

There's absolutley no one out there like quite me.


I was specifically designed to be outspoken and free,

The only catch, is that there is no other me.

I'm perfectly imperfect robot, no one else can do what I can,

My designer calls me, human.




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