Untitled Poem to Your Naked Pysche



Love to your body

Love to your psyche

Strip your insecurities

Reveal your humanity

While getting between your physical

Let me slip through the crevices

In and out of your mental

Blind to reality

And dreaming of your fantasy

Love sounds

Our movements are words

Our promises punctuate our sentences


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

good poem

understood the msg loud and clear

"take off your insecurities"-use a different verb/phrase instead of take off to entice this particular poem


Thanks so much for your comment! I've been playing around with those couple of lines to make it fit the rest of the poem. Thanks for the advice.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

the word strip was a great substitute for take off

this poem entices one's enjoyment to appreciate your work

keep writing


Thank you so much. I plan on making my way through your collection of poems.

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