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           Eu te ofereço meu doce coração todos os dias Em vez de céu e bolos de mel Eu te ofereço buquês de lindas flores
                                            Te ofrezco mi dulce corazón todos los días En lugar del cielo y pasteles de miel Te ofrezco ramos de flores bonitas
I miss you only if you miss my smile
                                                 Don’t smile with me if you don’t want to Because I am not a mirror Don’t be like a bluffer who gives me a black smile
                                       I have no reason to hate
                                          Femme, tu étais si belle. Tu étais si jolie Tu étais si polie, si jeune et pleine de vie Tu étais si magnifique. Tu étais si gentille
                         Mujer, eras tan linda. Eras tan bonita Fuiste tan educada, tan joven y llena de vida. Eras tan amable. Eras tan hermosa
Mulher, você era tão linda. Você era tão bonita Você foi tão educada, tão jovem e cheia de vida Você era tão linda. Você foi tão legal
It is your style It is your smile It is the charisma It is the aroma
                                         Ich sehe Deine Schönheit in deinem Lächeln Deine Schönheit in deinen Augen
                                                   Eu vejo Sua beleza em seu sorriso Sua beleza em seus olhos Sua beleza em sua cadência
Veo Tu belleza en tu sonrisa Tu belleza en tus ojos Tu belleza en tu cadencia Tu belleza en tus fragancias.  
I see Your beauty in your smile Your beauty in your eyes Your beauty in your cadence Your beauty in your fragrances.  
  Je vois Ta beauté dans ton sourire Ta beauté dans tes yeux
When a woman loves youYou can do nothing wrongYou can charm her with a songFrom you, she hardly needs a few. When a woman loves youThe world looks beautifulEverything is wonderfulWhen she adores you.
I arrived at the pier shortly before dusk That was where some lovers met Lori was there with a handsome man It broke my heart to see her embracing him, But I couldn’t let the jealousy show
For Vanessa and Cleon .
The search for a smile, all the day through. Secret searchlight please show me, one warm face among all the cold. For it would be worth more than any treasure on earth.
"DON'T HOPE" Do not hope for anythang you desire; rather work for everythang you aspire. Do not hope when you aren't doing anythang, only hope when you're working, go get. And fortune smile on you. #c9_fm
You, It's been you since the very first day,Those hazel eyes like the alps beneath the bewitching sunset,Stars, embedded like diamonds in the sky, like your soul embedded in mineTogether we enkindle hurricanes, But I boon my rainbow in your arms A
It's so insane to think that we can hear one word and allow it to change our whole mood, And in many cases when you start to finally take care of yourself, people decide to tell you that you are being rude.
Alone everything pulled inside of me. Surrounds me within me. Unable.
Hold On Be Strong! 💪 These those dying on the Bedstead! Stand to your feet no defeat. Never let anyone tell you harbour no disease. For the secret of a mighty wealth is a sanely health.
Lord Cares! These Goes To Those Under The Foster And Orphanage Care. The people of the most high. Even when thee father and mother are no longer here. Thy Lord be always there.
A smile is the most potent weapon you have That neutralizes even your harshest critics It bails you out from the trickiest of situations Ever fumble for an answer this would be your best response
Walking by the broken lanes Counting your last living days, Making a whole of your life's memorable plays Sitting next o people with broken self- confidence,
Puppet I am Puppet I'll be Puppet the name That wholly is me   You can't see my strings You can't see my scars All you see is my smile On a jumble of parts  
For Jewish women . You shone the light of your love on me Chava, you took away my sadness You came and escorted me to paradise I shall be yours every day of my life .
All I want is to hear you speak Your sweet words bring melody to my ear Say you love me one more time And assure me that you’re my darling Please give me another short kiss
For Zada . I don’t know if you have a perfect smile. We’ve never met so I really don’t know you. It’s very unusual to want your embrace, But I truly wish I could caress you tonight. .
F a r a w a y   m o o nas a young childI could see your smiletaste your cheesesee your old mantouch you with my finger.
Smile while you can, And please do make it wide. Don't wait for it to be gone; With it, may you abide. As long as longer, stay with its side.
No light, no food, no shoes But that kid smiles, It's hot, no money, can't afford school But that kid smiles, On the street, I can count the bones on his body But that kid smiles.
What is love? 
What is love? 
There once was a girl who never spoke a word. Her eyes were sore and it showed But the pain in her wasn't sure, Whether to come out to play or let her enjoy her day.
You make me smile in a time I forgot I knew how. A twinkle in my eyes and a sweat on my brow To stifle a laugh under breath made of steel You taught me to laugh, to smile, and to feel
Oh how sweet to feel the warmth of a smile, While being caught up in your eyes all the while. We sit together by the fire While you never fail to inspire. Your words don't go unheard,
  Smile smile stay  Smile smile go Smile in denial  Crooked teeth crooked cops  Crooked world crooked rocks  Chipped teeth broken teeth  Challenge accepted smiles unprotected 
Why are you smiling?  
She smiles through her tears Like rain on a hot summer day The drips are still falling but It’s bright and Beautiful And you can just glimpse the
I used to think no one was perfect. The idea of perfect being so distant from reality. Like the stars shining in the sky that continued on indefinitely, his love for me is shocking.
I’ll always remember the first time you smiled at me. It wasn’t the soft curve of your mouth, Ii was the sparkle in your eyes. It lit you up.    Like nectar for a bee, it drew me to you.
Noise of alarms and bells screams through the penitentiary. Inmate 1276, better known as street name 1031 Herc, is sitting down contemplating about what he is going to do when he finally gets out.
Noise of alarms and bells screams through the penitentiary. Inmate 1276, better known as street name 1031 Herc, is sitting down contemplating about what he is going to do when he finally gets out.
Epiphany I wasn’t sure if it was there But it was Way down in the pit of me Lives my epiphany
Wait, the weather is singing for me Recalling dreams of my past Why shouldn’t I smile?   Wait, the weather is singing for me
I believe in not asking favors of someone you wouldn't do a favor for. I believe in the sacred entitlement of a friend, And lastly I believe in honesty and loyalty.   They say the world works in mysterious ways,
What’s wrong with me? It’s not that big of a deal People interact with strangers daily Just make a joke and smile It works almost all the time
I fill my life, with worthless stuff, knowing full well, it's never enough. others seem happy, so why can't I? I fill my lungs, with another lie. swallow the grief,
The smile so beautiful, so enchanting that no one sees the pain and the anger in the eyes  or the tears falling to the cheeks.  They're all busy looking at the smile. "Be strong. Be happy."
I had a smile to give you but I hesitated I waited until you looked away and then all the sudden my smile snuck out of the back door of my mind and then there was nothing I waited
looking in the mirror it’s hard for me to see it’s hard for me to see myself  for who i want to be.   do you see me, the beauty that lies beneath? do you see my smile shining so bright?
The storm was closing in The ship wouldn’t survive The Captain told us to take the lifeboat “Go back home to your wives”   We all piled in But we didn’t want to leave The Captain was adamant
I love rhyming I do it all day long Whenever I start rhyming I want to sing a melody   I love rhyming It’s all that I can do
  It was rarely used My excuse never felt alive Everything that I said My voice, even the look in my eyes  
A winter's day On a snowy and freezing evening I am alone Sitting in a room full of warm bodies Surrounded by laughter and chatter
I feel like an artist,  Desperately trying to blend, My darkened soul,  Into the rainbow that was once,  My mind. 
Smile.“I’m fine.”Smile.“Just tired.”Smile.“oh, sorry, I’ve been busy.”Smile.Smile.Smile. It’s funny,isn’t it?How hard it is to tell the difference between a smile
They tell meDon't look backKeep your head highThings will get better They tell me, they tell meYou are a strong oneThe past is in the pastThings will get better
You are always here when I'm mad, Or sad, Or happy, Or anything really.   I turn to you when I need to get away from life, you are always here for me.
Clear skies Clouds white as paper Air is crisp flat ironed pressed Birds sing a melody Grass seems greener A breath of fresh air; breathe in With every step I take I smile  
Little man in a lengthy norm Weak in strength from his tinfoil form Work your way to show you are strong With your breathless blows and tired arm Look to death and try and complain
If only people could understand me, And know how I want to live. Trust me, there would be a real smile on my face, Rather than slightly curvy lips.
“I’m alone and I don’t even care anymore.” Is what I have convinced myself.   When can I stop pretending?
“They lied to me!” She screams to herself.   They promised! That they would be there for her.
A mask is what we wear. It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes. On the mask is a smile. Forced. Real. Unsure. Scared. Alone. Broken.
Why am I chained down by my suffering and misery? Please, can someone set me free?   Can you send me to my eternal resting place? To be free from my suffering.
For all that she was worth, For all that she loved, She was never loved back.   However,
Your pink, rosey lips delicately fell onto the bones of my hips. Your beaming, bright smile can send my heartbeat and I traveling over a mile. Your dainty, lingering fingertips, could repair sinking ships.
I didn't want to think about the way you said my name; the way your soft, rose-pink lips moved and curled in a way, a way that made my heart stop and start so abruptly.
Your heartbeat is my own. You smile, I smile. You dream, I dream. You breathe, I sigh. Love me. Hold me. Trust me now. I'm cold. Warm me.  You dream, I dream. You smile, I smile.
Thank you. Thank you for every second, every day, every year. Thank you for holding me While I cry, And smiling at me While I laugh. Thank you for your time, your trust, your affection,
Dear smiles,   When I was young, you were constantly with me. I radiated joy, so I was free.   I always was the child with smiles
Teardrop smile,She rolls with grace.Sad.Happy.Angry even.It rolls with grace,Your teardrop smile.
Dear Life,   Why must you bore me? Why must I fill myself with blasts of RGB from a screen just to have purpose? Why can't you satisfy me? Why must I let you make me such a mess?
A symbol of dissapointment, laughter, and confusion, made for a moment to intrigue any human. From side to side, you dart your eyes, but are you the one who is on the rise? Questions asked, answers told,
Share your smile with the world.It's a symbol of friendship and peace.Because of your smileYou make life more beautiful and prestige
Please never stop smiling. Your smile brightens up my whole world, your smile is so unique - I love it. You are unique and special and perfect in your own way.
In the mirror, I dread The ancient scar on my knee The mysterious mark on my cheek The great size of my thighs The stubborn crook in my teeth The several creases on my stomach
the sarcasm in your blood cuts cold through my heart so screw you   the look in your eyes slices my intentions in half so screw you   your constant questions for me
Your smile isn't brighter than the sun, infact, compared to the stars its a fraction. I won't get lost in your eyes, but please don't let this demoralize. If your smile was brighter than the sun, it'd be unnatural,
There's a smile on your face But I know that you're in pain Your silent tears leave no trace But things just aren't quite the same, and   There's no reason for you to hide
Remember When we first met Darkness like a cloud Suffocating me with a chain. A prisoner With an unknown sentence. You stepped in then, 12:19 // smile. You said "Hello"
it's scary how one bad memory can make you forget all the good ones, how a single word can overweigh a whole book and how one smile can hide a thousand tears.
goodmorning kissesgoodbye hugsa happiness that can’t be matchedby any of the drugs your smile when you laughyour “laugh-till-you-cry”there’s nothing you dothat doesn’t make me smile
  There's  a girl i know Who makes me laugh on my darkest days There's a girl i know Who gives the best hugs There's a girl i know Who helps me through everything There's a girl i know
I always hated my smile, until that day you told me it utterly blew you away I resented my chuuby cheeks and oddly dimpled chin but then you said "I love that little grin" Now I am unafraid to smile big and bright
I remember youThe day we met dreams came trueThanks to you I smile
I sit here in the tailgate of the truck watching the beautiful orange rays from the sun drift into a dark blue i only have one thing on my mind but I mean hell you always are
If you break my heart, I will not be shocked I’m waiting   Not wanting, It’s called preparation It’s haunting,
Seeing you do the things that you love- That smile you get That glint in your eye That shine of your soul That burst of pure life
We laugh and play in the rain as it soaks through our clothe each drop clinging to our skin like the morning dew upon the grass. We look up and smile at the ashened clouds
"In my eyes you are perfect" Even though in my head I'm wrecked "I'm thankful to have you in my life" This gave me million reasons to smile "I'm glad you are alive" Honey, I am dead inside.
She is a child A child who smiles And this smiling child can smile for a while But there is something off about this child’s smile
a smile and a kiss the kind face of pain The smile is genuine but it masks pain pain and hurt and conflict all masked the same   I hurt to see it it clouds his eyes
Will that new car make you happy? Can the latest and greatest phone  make you feel less alone? Materialistic things we want give us a smile. But they are merely just temporary tattoos that
i'm drowning in your mystery i wanna know you are a puzzle waiting to be solved? or are you case waiting to be dismissed?   i wanna search deeper within you let me observe you carefully
If every yellow blossom was an echo of your laughter and every star that shines glinted brighter in your eye, there'd be a flower for everyone all seven-point-five billion and the night sky'd be so bright
Perfume wore brave faces damp with worry. During familiar hugs she cried. Years of cologne waved
I once could not breathe.  My skin use to hurt. Darkness filled my mind. But love surrounded me. Love had always surrounded me. But only right now Right this second Could I truly feel it.
It was a rule I broke that would lead me to find a person who was actually kind. A person I barely know, and has had the courtesy to say "Hello". Countries away we are and yet with social media
​Smile, beacuse it confuses people. They don't need to know your efforts are feeble. Inside you're breaking down.    Smile, because it's easier than explaining...
The smile on my face   My laugh makes you smile. And your smile makes me glow.
Listen to me cry out.  Can't you hear my tears or is my smile too loud? Listen to the creak of my heart. Can't you hear it breaking from the weight of this world? Listen to the silence.
Don't play games with me Give me that smile, I know you know it's just pain to me. I love it. That's when your most pure to me. It's your darkness, yet it so clear to me.
You say all this stuff that you hate about yourself.
The past twenty four hours I have been in a state of disbelief. I missed a day of writting poetry and there is no source of relief. A constant state of grief. Now, this day that has been granted is now a day of redemption.
Let me go hide in a forest of birches And watch me drown as heaviness seeps Under my skin See me drench myself with fake stories With courage letters in them And watch me stand up tall 
That melody strums in my ear, Singing courses and refrains that I want to hear, I bust a move, The beat is my groove. Music brings me pure delight, Igniiting my soul more than a sleight,
The sad begging blue eyes Almost bring tears to my eyes. Almost.   The tiny warm smile Almost makes a matching grin. Almost.   The pitter patter of tiny feet Almost makes me laugh.
I might have to teach myself to smile again. I will practice in the mirror each night before I go to bed. I’ll smile and my teeth will hold back the sea of words I’ve yet to speak.
Wakey-wakey, get out of bed The sun is shinin' The dogs are barkin' But this pillow is a perfect fit, to cradle my head.   There are things to be done, Always things to be done.
Red blooming blossoms Light scribbling script Dark denim bottoms Great dark blue ships Roaring white rivers Charm mixed with sass Moonshine in slivers Green blades of grass
Smiling is not an occurrence that I known as strange. Occurring most every single day. Yet when times get tough, The going gets rough, and a smile is harder to come by.
The awkward, quiet, concentrated air fills the morning As the birds try to sing but only sound like sandpaper to my ringing ears I sluggishly move the plush covers on top of me to the side
Knowing every second my life goes by, I smile and make my days worthwhile.  It's for those who open there eyes  that don't let good days go by. In fact it's the people like us, the plain, the simple, the just
There are more than a few things Which I am pleased about, that wash away my stormy days, and cleanse me of my doubt.   Sometimes they are big things and sometimes they are small
Smile for a picture Smile for a friend Smile for a special someone or Smile because you can Smile because your beautiful Smile because it makes bad days better or
An orchestra of chimes jolts my body from a peaceful rest, My soul is shaken and ungrounded by the disturbance. The only remedy to this violent anomaly is a brief moment
The sun rises slowly in the sky, What a beautiful view, I sigh, I rise from my slumber and watch the perfect scene, Inhaling the fresh smell of cofee caffeine, My mother is making fancy pancakes,
Why, hello Day! I've been expecting you. I endured a long process waiting for you. I wrote a song last night and I'd like to show someone, I thought you'd take forever and spoil the fun.
When I wake in the morning with Jack Frost's chill All I can think are those who are around me When I make them smile I feel a rush of thrill Their smile makes me smile and gets me full of glee
There is something about The way it feels To make another person smile To make someone feel good There is something about The way it feels To make someone feel important
You're beauty is like starlight, but more like the spaces in betweenBecause you're so much more than just a pretty faceYou're so much more than the precious pearls you hide behind
Today, once again, I am down. So, I look around. Down the street, I see a clown. I frown. Through the window, I see a beautiful gown. I have a meltdown. Is there nothing in this town?
What makes me smile? What makes me feel good? When I can run the mile, And do what I know I should.   It’s cuddling with my cat. It’s being all wrapped up. It’s when you’re so cozy that,
The sun’s peeking at me. Tickling my face, somehow sliding under my covers. My pillow’s so soft, My blanket so warm, My dream still beckoning,
Have I  Ever told you  What makes me  Smile? It's not sunny days Or pretty poetry Or even my favorite stories. A good friend To just hang with and Watch TV shows
Remember to smile. Remember to love I may not know you, or know exactly what you go through But know, God will free his people They can put us in a box Behind the bars that has the locks
Step out of the lense. Life put me on the spot.  Disappearing smiles, i've been caught. Put a new star on.  I want a change of scene.  Look into another life of a suburban teen. 
Teaching first and second graders makes me smile They make my day with their silly lifestyle I ask them what they want to do for a career And one replies loud and clear “I want to be a ninja turtle!”
I am not feelin’ good. Instead of staying in my sheets I will hit the streets It was a bad day But this will be a good run.  
Have you ever heard the saying " The first person you think about when you wake up, And the last person you think about before you fall asleep at night, Is either the cause of your pain or your happiness."? 
I am confused and loosing focus  The stress of daily life engulfs  I look out the massive clear window to my left  I see a couple jogging side by side, laughing That is when idea strikes! 
When the sun hits my skin, it makes me smile with a glow. No one will ever know how my skill feel unless they see my glow. It gets attention and paparizzi on a daily because it glows so bring attention stays on it.
When I'm feeling down t turn to my friends, who are clowns, and they help me turn back around
She had a smile that would brighten your day. Not just one of those smiles that some old guy would say “nice smile sweetcheeks” Her smile made your soul bleed and the blood would
I was young and I wasn't free But I am capable of dancing when I'm happyI heard they said that made me prettySo I put on a smile, gracefully
A friendship so beautiful, The world's eyes are forever searching, But fail to find, rendered sightless by greed. The hatred tries to bleed into, incompetent.   A home broken like an ocean floor of glass,
When the days are long, and I'm feeling blue, all I need is a ball and hoop to put it through. The sound of the swish does bring such pleasure. Plaing ball is finding hidden treasure.
Is it bad that i wanna adore you and love you? Is it bad that i wanna kiss you and also hold you? Is it bad that i crave you? Is it bad that i wanna save you? From all the good things and bad..
"Don't you dare forget the sun, love" That's what the song said. Then the question remains of why? Why do those words mean so much to me? Why do they haunt my mind? The answer is the sunshine.
Someone told me it's not the end, Into the darkness I descend. Falling through empty promises That are to never to come true, Tied to a noose made by the view of the world As I dangle wordless and helpless.
                                       Can I Sense What the Physical Eye Cannot Detect ?                                                       By: Alesiya Walker   When a heart pleads for love,              
I'm tiered of waking up to see the news. How many died? Who bombed who? When I see the headlines I sigh, They outnumber those that show any hope, Faith in humanity so hard to restore.  
Stop pretending you are so nice, Hidden in the world like dirty mice. Faking a sugary smile with a honey voice, Taking a knife to your victims of choice. You are weak because you can't keep quiet,
The red ink is beautiful, It oozes from dark to light, Brought upon this clean slate With a sharp quill that glints in the moonlight. Gliding along the paper, The sharp quill glows,
Way back Way way back In the darkest of times In the dark In the night Of my mind In the screams In the terror I found a pen And paper Wrote down my feelings About
I see you and I smile then you smile back only to make my smile grow bigger to where you can see a mouth full of teeth a smile
My world is so beautiful yet everyday I am told by social media That thin is in And if you aren't a size two boys won't even look at you   Women come in all shapes and sizes
Siempre me levantas, Cuando me caigo al piso. Cuando estoy en pedasitos Hecho un rompecabezas que no han podio adjuntar. Cuando me han dejado tirada en la oscuridad,
I love you, I really do But you know we can not be. We are too afraid to face reality. We have been to close for far too long, And found our spot of comfort. We will never move beyond that,
I know it isn't cold, But perhaps my hands are. Yes they are fingerless, Which makes no sense to you. But the cold is not the reason I wear them.   I wear the gloves for safety,
Gather your friends And everyone you know Bring some food Along with some drinks, too Spread the love
The turn, the spin, the rotation of the continents, latitude, degrees, and dizzyness. Dizzyness. Then it stops by your finger, but your finger is landed upon an
One of my favorite times is that transition of the sky between being black and when the sun comes starts to come up and make everything a pale shade of blue The quiet of itCars, freeway, trains in the morning  
‘Self acclaim Christian’ is the words she said I used I serve her food in love I run errand for her in delight Her washroom I wash but not in love Her room I sweep but not in joy Like a servant she treats me
Have you ever sat there, In the ice  rain to watch  The droplets crash into the barren ground? The destruction of their perfect form, Beautiful and sad.   Have you ever sat there
One thing that makes each day worth a smile Is talking to you You're the only one who could ever understand What it's like to walk a mile in my shoes You're a knight in shning armor
Poetry, building up inside me. It fills me up until my lungs explode, It’s love, that brims at the seams as it sloshes
Smiles are sunrises and spring flowers. They rise and grow from the joys of life. So smile.  And bring beauty into this world. 
When the sun disappears, As do the smiles and laughs. The image of the people we know,  Replaced by their melancholy twin. As night settles in, painting the sky black, Little glimmers of stars dot  the void.
All I need is the thought of her sweet smile. Looking up at me new to this world, Her sweet smile. All gum no teeth just yet a smile so brand new, Her sweet smile. So much innocence and life to live,
My hand makes contact with yours  Your fingers interlock with my fingers  Your holding my hand in your hand  My hand swings yours forward  We walk hand in hand as one  Your hand squeezes mine 
Funny Bones Woke up on a Monday morning feeling wavy Got dressed, grabbed my bag and got crazy Started dancing, I got my groove on and felled down Dropped to my knees and started laughing
you smell like chai tea and your eyes are the color of cinnamon your hair kisses the tops of your shoulders in delicate waves, it frames your face i only ever want to make you smile,
Why cant the world be friendly? Why cant money grow on trees? Why cant the sick be healthy? Why are people mean? Why am I so happy when you are so sad? Come on friends and smile, You can change it all.
She sits in the room full with her friends. They all laugh and talk. But why cant she seem to smile? She tries but their all fakes. She had plenty of reasons to be happy. She had her friends.
It's like I'm lost in an ocean blue as can be without a map in my hand or a single home to call mine I've been looking for answers looking for what's true but when I look for love
The reason I wake The reason I live The reason I try The reason I smile The one thing I love The one thing I need   You.
My world ended So why was it still spinning? Darkness crept in So why was there still light?   How can the Earth still spin And a candle still burn When his heart's stopped beating?  
A smile of falsity Wretched is the pain Stains upon the aura The heaviest rain Urges of absconding Just to be alone Dreams of a zone far away from home Beauty is survival Not to give it up
It consumes all my thoughtsTakes over my bodily functionsIt's overpoweringRuling with society's corruptionsThe darkness devouring
I lie to myself to be good  to my self.   I'll say:  I'm going for a 5 minute walk NOW! ::::: An hour later i return smiling. :::::
He moved here in the fifth grade, Immediately we were friends. Or at least i thought we were...but i guess it all depends.  The years ticked past,and the bullies came at me stronger. He was there every second, without him or his brother i doubt i
there will be tribulations that makes it hard to smile despite the pain and despair, one must search and have a sense of humor you have to smile regardless of the atrocities where we been dealt a bad hand
Now, Joy was filled all over, And sadness is seen in some; Though joyous they would be, they seem sad But sweetness flowed on others minds.   Sadness was filled, by the day’s end
When ever i take a picture i have a hard time smiling, It's the thought of capturing moments where i should be happy, but my feelings just won't latch. Forcing smiles for pictures have always been hard for me.
Happiness is key And to those who don’t understand that, I am the giving tree Advice is an understatement
A simple smile can make you feel good for a while
If you do not trust me, as you should Forever I’ll delightedly leave. Sitting in silence is not the way;  For what would you hope to achieve? I’d rather always succumb to nothing
Sleep to the sound of the music telling you your okay Break the barrier of tears, you've been holding in all day Smile at the sunrise coming up over the hill Punch the person in the face, who tells you to "fucking chill" 
From darkest days to blackest of nights, did we crawl. Blind and stupid, with smiles on our faces and our hearts light as feathers. Safe are we by the dogs we do feed and fear. Though we know they bite and tear.
Everything is awesome The way the wind blows is awesome The sound of drums in a crowded concert hall is awesome The dimples on my little brother's cheeks are awesome Everthing is awesome 
It is easy to feel pain, feel anger and feel bad about my life I want to stab the memories, to murder them with a knife Some days I stare at the mirror and it’s far from easy
Every day we’re reminded again How wonderful it is to live. But how do we make the most of it Without wasting a single second?   When the sun stops shining, At least there are stars.
I don't know what you've been told but baby girl  you're  beyond amazing  eccentric to the world  an angel in disguise  undeniably genuine  talented beyond measure
In life we go through storms, Leaving us feeling weak and torn. Every day we have to make choices, Listen to our gut or outside voices. What do we do during these times? Do we frown and get stuck in our minds?
You know that warm feeling, When you see someone grinning? You know when it’s genuine, And happiness on their face is written? When the smile goes all the way to their eyes,
She has the soul of a gentle saint
I don't want a relationship where it's perfect I want a relationship that's worth it With special moments and little lumps I want something that gives me goosebumps I need a love, not plastic, but real
So maybe I am not the funniest in the room And I may sometimes fall upon gloom, My legs may be super hairy And I think talking to boys is quite scary, I may stumble and become weak at times 
Every once in a while,
I don't know why you wear a mask,
My love is a clown a big freaky thing with a big painted koolaid smile Always smiling and goofing around never taking anything serious. Why do he always smile?
There's a knock on my window, where it's still open, still ajar. I turn and look into your green orbs And can't help but run and help you in. I know the second I take your hands in mine
If I could wish for somethingIt would be the smile you bringYour smile rises on my lipsMakes the scented flowers Bloom In the backyard of my heartI wish I could touch the scentThat I smelled just now
I can’t always feel it, because sometimes it is out of reach. Lonely, anxious, worried, scared.  Negative thoughts race though my brain. But something pulls be back to rationality.   And I hear:
Flash! Smile! Turn! Stop! Lighter! Darker! Thinner! Smaller! Stronger! Weaker! Meeker! Flash! Smile! Stop! Tighter! Shorter!
Fearing the Future
A kid who just wants to be heard Someone who wants success Others look at him and say oh my he's blessed They don't know the pain, the problems Of always wanting to be the best His parents are proud of him
I can tell the smile upon your face is forced,I watch as you try so hard not to break down,its as if you were going through hell yet only i can tell,they walk by as if your happiness were nothing to them,you're a true soldier at heart,you fought
I love TV and all its perfectness.
Painted smile, feeling vileregretting the time gone
Energy, Great, Cute     Why do I need a filter?  Fun, Sarcastic, Sweet     Why do I need to be fake?  Nice, Helpful, Talented?        I don't need a filter to live. 
I'm not the typical female, not even instructions will help. I come with all emotions but avoid sadness. Humor and sarcasm is what I do best, even in the moments that need attention.
Like wind, I'm unpredictable. Bringing a breeze, I cause people to move in my direction and not be still. Making the day that much better, to know I am wanted and not wished to go away.
  The plans the worries the stresses the fears. We all want to smile but some don't know how. The ability was lost some time ago without realizing what we've done to ourselves.
That feelining of...the cool waters, light blue wave, a tall glass filled with water, the clarity of the water, the warmth of the water, jumping into the water, the coolness on your body, the burning on your body,the water moving around you, the
If it isn’t my skin, then what shall it be? The two arms and legs that extend directly from me? That enable me to run past the wind, and jump the hurdles in front of me.
Her hair is a mess, her eyes are swollen
When there is nothing left to do, I smile. not an ordinary smile though. It’s contagious. Infecting everyone around. Soon the whole room embraces the same type of grin. One that says,
  I am Invisible, Determined I wonder when I will be heard I hear a faint whisper I see a hand held out
They tell me emotion is weakness. They say I feel far too much to create something productive. But I can't control it. I am me, Because of what I feel. They say I speak far too excitedly,
An early death is failure expressed
I watch you from a distance 
Why do these individuals bully?
Everyone is unique Different talents, different abilities, different attributes No one is the same Different eyes, different hair, different skin We all have one thing in common, though My generation
A smile speaks for itself. It can make people melt. But can you see what’s going on inside? Can you see their true self? A smile holds a thousand words. A smile can hide away what they truly feel.
When no one else sees it, when no one else hears it, when no one feels it; THIS LITTLE BRAIN OF MINE does. Through thick and thin, thoughts lost, and emotions gone; THIS LITTLE BRAIN OF MINE is there to find them.
There's a smile on lips Cheerful, warm, loving But these two rows of teeth Are the only barrier Keeping my screams from escaping Help! Can't you hear me? The screams roll like waves
You may have it all, With your lovely eyes and bashful smile, But all of you won't matter in a while. I've given in to the greater good, And it's time to let it be understood.  
Myself is the way, gone astray-no way.
In life you walk in circles and make the same mistakes.
She woke up like that, she’s flawless But I woke up disoriented, messy-haired, and a hot mess
Don't stop at the bottom, When you are sinking low, lower than you have before, think about how and why, you've gotten there. Become very self critical, put on a new mask, and think, reflect.
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all? Don't be scared to look at your reflection. Everyone is different, you're the perfect complexion.   Even when your hair is a mess.
Sometimes I wonder about our generation How will we fit in with the larger population? We go through our  days hoping to be distracted And we dont stop and think about the way we acted
I am so fucking flawless, yet no one cares to notice. The words I can say make me seem outspoken. If I was on survival island I would never be out voted. Know why? Because I'm that fucking flawless.
A smile can go a longs wayYours so happens to effe
"You are literally the happiest person I know!" "I love how I can always count on you being happy." "I swear, every time I see you, you're always smiling! It makes me happy just seeing it!"
it escapes me
to put the parallel lines decorating my wrists like outdated wallpaper to use, i would peel the scar tissue like the rind of a blood orange, link the massacred pieces of myself into a chain,
Deep down inside I love myself. Everyday when I wake up, I look at myself and know im worth the respect.
Happy or Sad You'll never know
I didn’t need the orthodontist My crooked teeth were fine More than fine, really Everybody said so   I didn’t need the orthodontist My smile was genuine More than genuine, really
My life is a smile, one I show many times,
 You think he is cute, he dresses nice, a little player, but he is into you. "I can make him change", thinks the girl that is still in her teens. You fail to realize that he is young too.
Optimistic. Kind. Successful. It's what I should be. It's what I will be. Needs for love grow daily in the grey eyes of beloved friends. Be happy. Be loving. Be an example.
Some people hide behind a curtain, But I wear a mask.  My mask needed no purchase,  It came with my costume of skin, and can not be recieved via pay pal nor cash. I wear this mask every day
Welcome to my High School Where teachers and students mingle Where the confused kid gets all the love he can Where friends are everywhere Oh look over there That girl just got all those kisses from those guys
When I was young I was teased and called burned
Are you ready to see what hides behind the curtain? Can you handle something so uncertain? All you can hear is laughter from her lips, and see a shadow moving her hips. Are you ready to pull the curtain? Are you ready for the uncertain?
Water runs so slow Patiently cutting a path I am unstoppable
Concrete blocks on the sidewalk A bounce in every step A beam for each passing face A passion firing to every heart A simplistic reminder
"small lips", "big nose", "pale face", "big eyes", "small thighs", "fat in the wrong place",  "awkward", "strange", "too shy",  but "dont let them get to you", "dont you cry" smile, smile, smile. 
smile brightens my day and his day even your day look in the mirror my way everyday a smile  wow a smile talk with a smile walk with a smile oh, and don't forget smile
TeethI'm laughing on the outside,
  I hear all the worlds probe my scars             they cant seem to get passed the "bars"                      they can't see the happy  parts 
Behind my “I could kill a man” exterior I am bubbling with little joys Happy thoughts and events like counters At Disneyland filing in and through On their quest to experience some joy  
I smile when I think of my parents laughing,not understanding what they say, not a single thing.I smile when I capture a beautiful scene,loving the chemistry that lies in between.  
“Perhaps this is the end of the line.”
To give joy to kids is my motivation
It is the pinnacle of happiness, Acceptance, love, friendship, and safety. Some could light up New York City, Or just someone’s day. It gives you the words you don’t have, And what you need to hear.
My days were dark, the hours slow Out of bed I could not roll. This dark, eery feeling crept into my heart, When will my happy days finally start? I pushed and I kicked and I screamed in my sleep,
Shattered glass isn’t always what it seems, it chips and cracks It was once one full piece, nothing could ripped away I see storms of furry waves of the crashing sea
Beauty. What is it? It is a flower or a tree,
Smiling is contagious, You catch it like the flu. When a person smiled at me today, I began to smile too. I passed around the corner, And a man saw my grin. When he smiled I realized,
Summer slips away and we students rush in to the facilities that torment us so. We'll spend hours a day in chairs of stone, forced to learn things we don't wish to know.
The colorful flowers The tiny sprinkles of a morning shower. The good news on the news without any new fueds. The smiles on the other peoples faces, even with those nasty hurtful braces.
I find my smile in a round ball. I kick it and chase it throughout the halls. On game day my stomach churns but I know I will not fail. No one else is up to my scale. Scoring goals and winning games that is what makes my day a little less lame.
Red, Blue, Green and PinkV- necks, halters, tanks and spagetti strapsBootcuts, skinnies, jeggings, and skirtsFabrics and different shades one after another,
My girl, smiles in the mornin Gets up by noon My girl, got me to keep her warm and I'll be there soon
The Thump Thump of my heart of which I cannot surpress my emotions,
All you see is my cheerful smile,That is my mask, that is what limits me.You never know my true thoughts, anything could be running through my mind
The thing that makes me happy, more than anything else, is the ship that never sinks, we call it friendship.   Though many things happen, Good and Bad, Friendship will always last,
See my smile Thats what I do I call It cheezin You can see every tooth I smile just to smile and thats just good thats cool I have straight teeth yeah theres always flaws
She smiles so deeply that it leaves imprints on her cheeks. Her laugh brings joy to others that are far beyond her reach.
I look too serious, call me deliriousI am too quiet, but they never seem to defy itI seem too angry, can you really blame me? Because I am in a world Where love and peace no longer exist,
I smile at the storm Because I love the challenge The fog covering my Dreams Makes my dreams vivid The rain weighing me down Adds to the weight that anchors me To the roots of my passions
Herself in disguise why doesn't she like what she sees?   Because i think she is beautiful, talented, and amazing yes indeed. I guess it doesn't matter what i think...
Across the plains of cracked, dry land, only a few sources of water are in sight, yet, this is home, to strength, power, and grace. She protects her young with her life, the way  any mother would.
There are a few weird things that make me happy
The greatest thing, I have ever seen Is you staring back at me.  The sweetest music,
Most of the time my smiles lack real meaning. They are only there for the time being,  But even that's short living. I only sit any smile so no one can see the true feeling.
The hardest thing I've ever done is keep my smile It's hard to keep a smile when  you're eight years old
I always smile on the outside, But my true feelings are deep inside. Sitting there quietly as they hide; They don't want anyone to know the  Pain,they don't want anyone to see the strain,
You look in the mirror and you see A human being, to you, that's just not meant to be A person who will never be But it's all a lie But you don't see Because you're trapped In darkness
Our eyes met over  and over and over again. Ocassionally our glances interrupted by a body or two blocking our sight. We were exchanging shy smiles out of politeness.
Made of steel, built out of sweet blood, and salty tears Creating the barrier of a lifetime, to guard all your fears
Your lips twitch, almost a smile Before the mask slips into place Stoic and as strange as before Trying to so hard to be what they want To be anything but yourself But liitle things shine through
Just because I smileDoesn't mean I am happyIt meansI like seeing you smileI don't want you to be sadI want to see you smileI will pretendAnd then watch youRun around and have fun
That feeling of curiosity Mystery The girl who others knew always smiles and laughs
Daily, Two sisters Meet at the mirror The mirror that contains nothing else but sorrow and pain Their eyes don't like what they see Both thinking "She doesn't know what it's like to be me"
Smile, they can't seeIt's they only way to prevent the painAs long as their smiles aren't fake
Smile Smile Smile Breaking Don’t show Death Hurt Smile
Love is a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs But everyone wants to go for the ride And it always ends in a smile .
These often dark and dreary roads I walk
You make me look forward to the morning. That crystalline smile like a sunrise resting against still waters. I get lost in your calm and collarbone kisses seep down into my soul like dawn dew.
Stars appear and bring-
A life full of regret is the wrong attitude The remorse, the emptiness, the solitude. Dont crater, don't break You are made to bend Just continue to smile, my love to you I send
Mother has these multicoloed marbles Everyday she would roll them in her fragile and spotted hands. Rolling the marbles was an everyday activity. It gave her a sense of calmness; she would smile a lot
Her EYES   Blue as the ocean   Peaceful as the morning breeze   And when a secret is amidst. They close slightly in curiosity, peering through my scalp, demanding to know what’s on my mind  
You go out there and you fly  You're tired of people making you feel small. youre tired of feeling like you'll never amount to anything. But let me tell you, one day you WILL fly.  
As i walk down this long hall way
All the years of winding and tightening the perfectionist urges, only to increase the craving for alteration. And finally comes the vain obligation to maintain 2 rows of 32 pearls.
I am not depressed I can still talk to people And smile at the beauty in the world Laugh at funny jokes   Laughter I will always have laughter   Although there are times
Turn on the radio Max out the volume Do you love this song? That song speaks to you On a level no one can ever imagine   Not the whole song but Just that one line the artists says
Why the long face? You look as if your'e upset. Pills, potions, elixirs, and lotions  won't even help I bet. Why don't you try and smile? It couldn't hurt that much.
For such a long time, I wished I would feel,
I walked in subtle stillness,
  It was an instant goodbye I began to cry I lost a friend  Oh Dear God, why?  
They tell me not to blink. They tell me not to cover my eyes in shame or fear or hate. But I hide them because I cannot keep a smile on my “oh so beautiful face” and because lenses feign a human eye
Sometimes you might feel empty inside, unable to say how you feel because too much pride.  You might feel like you are on your own, like you are all alone. But have no fear,
My dream job would be: a kid.   Now, that may seem utterly ridiculous. Well, it's "right" to think that, in a way. Experience may say differently to my choice, But first, hear what I have to say.   
If someday I could bring change to this world with only but a single word I’d say it’s worthwhile to smile A smile never cost a dimea smile is most definitely not a crime Smiling is the way to make a person’s day
All I want is someone to smile and wave Someone to nod "Hello" ~ All I want is someone to smile and wave Someone to smile back Someone to wave back ~ All I want is someone to smile and wave
  Light the world with your Smile             Few can say             Without dismay             You are beautiful             Within a day  
Your smile radiates  Like the morning sun.  Your eyes sparkle  Like tinker bells pixie dust,  Bringing hope of true beauty to the world  The way your hair flows 
She smiled at me   And that was all it took Suddenly,
When I first came hereI thought things were going to get better.
Just like any other, I have secrets beneath my smilesA story untold that'll catch many by surprise
I stand here before you with a smile on my face trying to determine my place in this race for success.
Helping others have always been a part of me.To see them smile, to see who they end up to be.Before, they look down as if they felt shamed.They don't understand that I am not there to blame.
she went in her room and shut the door
i knew you were my hero
the rain is falling
he was a tidal wave,
A smiling face Being like a beacon From the crowd Tired eyes and sad looks Dominate the room Gloomy looks dull the area A smile. A smile! Shining like polished gold
It's a funny feeling , Just doesn't settle right, Took a few wrong turns with you by my side,
A lot of adults have told me to get a job,
I have a smile but it's raining in my heart A thunderstorm of emotions all collide and strike But after every rainstorm  is a rainbow I must find a silver lining 
During life you should be guile
Music is my only aspiration
The buzzing of bees, The raw smell of honey, The dark rich taste of chocolate. A glance and a smile
Her hair is matted, there is dirt on her face
Happiness is the truth it is the key to my youth  Some say love is greater but call me a great debater because happiness branches off
Keeping a smile on your lips is harder than it looks When you’re spiraling down in a sea of depression One thing after another
Feeling good, oh so perfect Maybe the pain was really worth itPassing through my depression Set aside my aggression Although it returns so abruptly It passes by, I don't stay stuck B
  A smile.  A small but powerful act of kindness,
We will change discrimination of the scars on our wrists:   They stop and stare at the crimson stain You walk with confidence to hide the pain Short sleeves and shorts you aren't ashamed
Smile no one will ever know.
Look Up And see the  big red building spreading out in front of you like a horizon begging you  to reach out and touch it. Home. And you stand
everyone, listen up, wake up, sit up.Put on your make up.Scratch that, who needs that shit you are pretty enough without it.Not many girls can see that today, instead they are pasting urban decay
Tonight is the night in which we meet Under the moon I just want to say...
Glancing out the dusty window, I see the mist slowly fall, I look into the mirror hanging on my wall, I inspect myself thoroughly finding things to blame, I pick and prod and tear apart my body’s external frame,
I try to justify my thoughts and what I feel but I will convince myself that they are wrong even though I know they're real. It's not my choice but it seems my words are often misspelled, judged, or read by the wrong voice.
The strength of a smile, 
I remeber when I was about 6 years old. I hit my forehead at the edge of a glass table it started bleeding and it left a scar. I remember my little sister crying and me telling her it will be okay.
I promised myself that I'd never change. I declared to the world that I would remain, forever the same. Strength was my middle name,  And I could not be tamed!   What happened?
You give me some kind of feeling. I'm excited, Yet a little scared and apprehensive at the same time. Will I do it right? Will I be good enough?
Yesterday was something special. Just a simple conversation that meant so much. I believe now, that there may be some hope for us, That is not just in my dreams.
I was born in Maoming to the sounds of sirens and in the midst of yellow smoke, I’d imagine.   I was blessed. I could have died nine minutes into my life. Or before I took in my first polluted breath.
You lay beside me Your arm rests upon your face You smile softly
Smile. Most of you may think it is impossible, Irrelevant and insignificant. Laughter and joy is what comes next, Eternal peace if you just Smile.  
Smile, you're beautiful. There's so much out there to see. Keep your head up; smile 
This is my Race From the starting line to the finish line I do not run for anyone but me Runnning is my life My stress revealer When I hear that gun shot My heart pounds non-stop
I look everyday on TV and see I cannot relate To these pageants queens who exemplify the "perfect" mate And I question my beauty My worth And I wonder what can I change?
i am not perfect perfect is far from my reach i have not always lived to the expectations you had for me but i am something. i have something to show for all of this.
  With so many paths that manifest beneath my feet, How can I find myself crumpled like a letter that was never meant to be sent? I wonder what would have happened if we never did meet.
The bus clanks and shudders along the broken roads; My pencil jerks from my hand, And the broken roads are mirrored in line breaking My page with its marred stroke. My eraser jumps across the page as I erase
Like a heat with air puffedFinished hunting can lay down my bowTo many birds,Daddy.  
Look into my eyes. I want you to see, sweet angel, That it's okay, Not to be okay.   I know you are sad, broken. I am too.   I want you to smile, Because you are perfect.
I used to wake up with a smile,Every day was beautiful.I was 10. But slowly.. Slowly..I let people drain away my smile.Slowly.. Slowly..I woke up annoyed,Irritated,Angry.
      i feel like a dandilion in field of sunflowers, like ive been standing in a dark room for hours. No one really understands, because instead of me wearing my emotions on my shoulders i hold them in my hands.
I think we all could smile more Perhaps if we would smile more It would only take a while for... Everyone to smile   Instead of negativity, or pessimismivity...
If smiles could be the measure of one’s wealth,she would be the wealthiest. Her smile is enchanting, beautiful and perfect,but a poor reflection of herself.
When you have a bad day I ask you not to look away. When you have a bad day I ask you if you can stay. When you have a bad day I'll help you feel better okay? I don't really have much to say.
Her alarm went off at six in the morning She heard wedding bells in her sleep, then the snooze went off-- a warning.   He turned on the coffee pot, somewhere on the other side of town.
when i get tired (this feeling of lonliness) i close my eyes (come meet me) i walk through my dimly lit mind (everything is empty) and i begin to pray (there you are)
My neck cringes as I stretch my mouth from cheek to cheek, My teeth reflecting the indulgence they constantly seek, “Smile,” is the only word they directly speak,
Why don't you smile?It only takes a while,To turn someone's world from a frown,Into one fantastic noun.This noun you see is called a smile.One that you can feel from a mile.Even if you have a bad day,
Beauty is within ones true self Beauty is far pass looks and wealth You stand tall and dont ever doubt yourself Dont ever try to compare what your beauty should be
You can only touch half of me, This half, This side, You can touch.   The rest of me I hide inside protectively, Guarded, By a shell I constructed of insecurities.
Be yourself Dont let anyone tell you cant be Express, love and smile Thats my style Pink, green, red and blue Let out all your emotions with color that are inside of you
Somewhere there someone who dreams of your smile, and finds in your presence that life is worth while, so when you are lonely, just remember its true somebody, somewhere is thinking of you.
There are those days When you feel good And your smile is genuine And you can’t hold back the dimples  In your cheeks Those days  When the sun seems to shine Bright On you When you can absorb its rays  And feel its warmth And know that you are shi
Beneath the lonely starsSurrounded by uncomfortable silenceNot knowing where you standTrying to keep your balance
I smile because you asked me to; Because you took these lips, always upside down, gave them a tweak and turned them right side around. Because I’m no longer alone; I have no need to cry.
Honey, You’re beautiful Never Settle for less; your value is too high.   You’re perfection just the way you are. Don’t mess that up.   Don’t wish to be anybody else
The joy in her smile brings warmth to my heart. A pleasure I had forgotten renewed. I only wish she could understand me for being me but it's not that simple. The dimples dare me to dive in but it is only for the road of the warrior.
If I was to write you a poem, It'd be like this On sticky notes Except instead of on your walls I'd plaster them to your heart and brain With super glue That way you'd know
Why not write what makes you feel I write to understand the things that make us real It keeps me on my heels, my brain on wheels To keep from the burn out being the end of my lifes movie reel
Look outside.  Close your eyes.  Listen to the rain.  Block out all the pain.  Hear the thunder.  It makes your heart wonder.  Open your eyes.  Ignore all the lies.  Watch the lightning 
There is a time and place To make a smiling face At the world that is so wrong And has been, for far too long. I frown at the ones that smile From lies that they tell, all the while
A handshake here, a smile there Simple bursts of happiness Just a handshake, that’s all it takes To reduce the pain that tears
The days are long. The nights are gone. And death is near. In this chaos there is no one to hear these words, these cries of pain. She whispers to me: it will all be over soon. But i know it won't be.
What is this thing, that we call Love? An undying smile, Of enternal youth? An endless spring. Never to be knew, Never to be found. For when the world realizes, This simple truth.
Why am I so inspired? I'm not tired. It's almost midnight, But I got to write. Words in my head, Won't let me go to bed. I'll just let them flow, Until they get slow.
Why am I so inspired? I'm not tired. It's almost midnight, But I got to write. Words in my head, Won't let me go to bed. I'll just let them flow, Until they get slow.
Your smile is like the shinning sun on a rainy day It brings me warmth. It keeps me warm on all my rainy and snowy days. Against my will it causes my heart to rain— Knowing that your smile belongs not to me,
One day: I will wake up in the best mood. I will go through the day without a single bad thought. I will put on a smile that is absolutely genuine. I will be satisfied with how I look.
You say you can relate to what I have been though But you haven't walked a mile in my shoes You haven't been through my trials and tribulations You say you can relate to what I've been through But can you?
Sometimes you try, Sometimes you fail, But at least you tried. Sometimes your happy Sometimes your not. Life sometimes throws you a curve But your pretty curve will get you through
I don't know, really. All these questions seem silly; school, debt, life, a home, retirement- these questions seem like a punishment for growing up but staying young, when we've all just begun.
Smile. A single smile. That's all it takes. Fake it 'til you make it? Or just fake it 'til you're gone? It's funny how all the worries, All the fears, can be stopped With a smile.
Your smile is my sun, your eyes- my entire world. I could only stand back and watch, as everything unfurled.
And I think I love your smile the most 'Cause it says all the things I didn't know And if you'd only smile some more I'd smile and know what I didn't before
Not liking the first I start a new page Realizing that life only sucks when You are no longer playing center stage I think maybe we should try this again
There are bumps in the road. Many tears to cry. There can be laughter and smiles All you need to do is try. Discover the places that make you smile But stop and look once in a while.
A smile A simple upturn An expression in two peices of flesh A sparkle, a glimmer, a shine inside Not just happiness for you But for someone else too A smile Brightening someone's day
After all the dew has fed the lillies, I will group them into portraits of your smile I would give anything to be in your company, to spend eternity in your arms If not for just a little while.
Laying on your chest, I hear your heart race. Like a secret locked inside you, and I barely get a taste. You conceal your emotions well, but your body betrays you. Trying to be calm, though I can see through.
smile so what the knicks keep choking in playoffs there is always hope they'll win a championship. you are way off patrick ewing going for a lay-up rather than a dunk that move completely stunk
Nothing can inspire me more, Than an Angel with a Smile. A girl, a boy, a human of sorts, a person with a smile. Anyone who takes some time, to brighten someones day. To help a broken heart to heal,
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