Keeping a smile on your lips is harder than it looks

When you’re spiraling down in a sea of depression

One thing after another

Each blow hitting you harder than the first

Pushing you further down a rabbit hole

They just keep coming and coming

Until you’re so far down

You can’t think about anything else

You just want to cry

As you sink lower and lower

Pretty soon you’re down on your knees

And no matter how hard you try you just can’t get up

The burdens that have been staked up high,

Upon your shoulders are finally just too heavy to withstand

You’re so far down you don’t think you can crawl out again

But you know that somehow you have to

So you pick your head up anyway

And you smile up at the sky like no one has ever done you wrong

Because in their mind they haven’t

You wake up every day not wanting to get out of bed

But you do anyway

You just have to take everything one day at a time

And everything will be okay

Because you are a survivor

You will survive

So just take it one day at a time

And even though it’s hard

Try to smile


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