The sun rises slowly in the sky,

What a beautiful view, I sigh,

I rise from my slumber and watch the perfect scene,

Inhaling the fresh smell of cofee caffeine,

My mother is making fancy pancakes,

My father is devouring Frosted Flakes,

I try distracting myself and turn on the television,

But I can only think of polynomial division!

I have thirty minutes till I leave for school,

A test on a Monday!

My algebra teacher is pretty cruel,

I nervously bite my nails,

As I study my notes, I don't want to fail!

Yeah I'm pretty mad,

Yeah I'm pretty sad,

But my dad makes a slightly funny pun,

And my mom adds in another one,

I laugh and laugh,

For a minute I even forget about the confusing graph,

Now I realize being sad is not worthwhile,

Because my parents never fail to make me smile.






This poem is about: 
My family


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