I Choose To Smile

Wed, 08/05/2015 - 12:47 -- Trina


United States
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In life we go through storms,
Leaving us feeling weak and torn.
Every day we have to make choices,
Listen to our gut or outside voices.
What do we do during these times?
Do we frown and get stuck in our minds?
Or do we make every experience worthwhile?
Me personally, I choose to smile.

It is hard to smile while in tears.
With a smile it is easy to overcome fear.
You see a smile is an indicator of confidence.
A reverser of feeling incompetent.

A smile is a gateway,
That might save somebody’s day.
A smile is a way of saying hello.
A mystery to a viewer you may not know.

When you smile it is a release,
And a form of relief

I choose to smile,
Because every storm in life is worthwhile.
So I put on my smile, boots, and jacket.
My question to you is what are you packing?


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