You're the Sun

If you break my heart,

I will not be shocked

I’m waiting


Not wanting,

It’s called preparation

It’s haunting,

The things I’d do out of desperation


It’s been a year and three months

It’s never too late

To realize I’m a dunce

This is not up for debate


You don’t need me

You’re the strong, always shining sun

I’m merely a rock, or a tree

Inadequate to more than some


You walk,

People watch and stiffen

You talk,

People stop and listen


Every day I am more amazed by you,

Your laugh, your brilliance

Every day I am more dazed by you,

Even the silly way you dance


This started out sad,

But the more I thought of you,

The insecurities, the bad

Soared away, they flew


This string of words I strung

Is the perfect example

Of all that you’ve done

The answer is simple


Stay with me

You’re my best friend

I don’t want you to leave

I don’t want this to end

 - S.W.

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