That Smile

There's a knock on my window,

where it's still open, still ajar.

I turn and look into your green orbs

And can't help but run and help you in.

I know the second I take your hands in mine

that there is no more holding back.


Why am I so scared of this?

Your words break through my thoughts

and I stare at your lips as I bite my nails.

What am I doing?

Your smile, the one that brings me to my knees

every goddamn time.

The one that makes me forgive you.

The one that I've grown to love since Kindergarten.

The one that I've hated since you left me for her.

"There's no one else," you whisper, reading my thoughts.

Your voice sounds like Love in its most brightest most glorious form.

But I look into your eyes,

managing to look past that smile,

the one that I love and hate.

And I say,

"Where have you been?"

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