The Ship that Never Sinks


The thing that makes me happy,

more than anything else,

is the ship that never sinks,

we call it friendship.


Though many things happen,

Good and Bad,

Friendship will always last,

It makes things better.


If I lost my friends,

I don't know what I'd do.

I feel I would be lost,

For its like missing a part of you.


The ship that never sinks,

holds more than friendship,

its the wealth of the memories,

and the warmth of their joy.


Many things can happen,

Many you can't explain,

But when your with friends,

It's like a neverending game. 


My family makes me happy too,

They are my life,

but my friends shaped me more,

They created the happiness and joy there.


I am proud of my friends, 

they help me everyday,

From the hardest math problem,

To figuring out what board game to play.


They suffer,

Just as much as me,

But with our Unsinkable ship,

Happiness and good fortune is guaranteed.


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