Sat, 06/14/2014 - 20:20 -- ToneyR

I can’t bare to see a frown

I always wanna see you smile

It’s what brightens the sun enough to rise in the morning

The sun rises just to get a glimpse at your smile

You told me you don’t like smiling...

My heart dropped, and I started to shake

Shivering in the skin I’m in

Trying to escape this terrible world where the only thing that brings light, just blowed

And the only thing that brings a smile to mine

You smile, and your face caves into a dimple

Your eyes shimmer as if tears were rushing

As I look at your smile, and those teeth awaken to the morning sun

I can’t bare to explain what goes on in my mind

As my world arises, and I pray to god

Thanking him for giving me life, and giving me this world

It’s like Alice lives inside of me, and I live inside of you in this perfect world

And when I see your lips curl, and your cheeks turn red

It’s like I can sit upon that curve, and get warmth from those cheeks

Feeling your smile just by looking at it, and wanting to love you more, just by a smile

I just wanna hold you in my arms, and spin you around

Seeing you laugh in complete joyfulness, and how you can’t stop smiling

I wanna give you reasons to smile, and reasons to love me

I’ll wake up everyday at 3am, and find reasons and practice until 6am


I’ve never seen anything more beautiful when you do

And I don’t believe anything, like I believe in you

So smile for me, even when this world tries to tear you into two

Smile for me because... I love when you do... I love... When you do



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