Mona Lisa Smile


I’m afraid for you to look me straight in the eyes

It’s not because I’m lying to you

But I’m afraid you’ll see straight through me

Because there’s so much that lies underneath my smile

Much more than you may know

In fact, there’s a lot more than I would like anyone to know

My sweet Mona Lisa Smile

No, I’m not as great as the Mona Lisa

You’re right

I’m not her

I’ll never be her, you know why?

Because I am me

I am Talaya

And I’m so much better

One thing that Mona Lisa and me have in common is our


People all over the world wonder

“What is she thinking about? What causes the soft, subtle, smirk?”

When they see the famous painting

When people see me, I know they ask themselves

“Who is that crazy girl? Why is she dancing from place to place? Why is she so damn happy all the time?”

Wanna know a secret?

Wanna know the truth?

I’m never really all that happy

Most of the time I’m really tired

It’s either an uncontrollable act caused by sleep deprivation

Or I’m trying to wake myself up

And almost all of the time, I’m completely falling apart inside

But before I fall too far deep,

God helps me turn to the positive side

Music helps distract me from my negative thoughts that run around in circles in my mind

My dear Mona Lisa Smile

No, I won’t show


I don’t think ever tell

Because during my 20 years on this earth

I’ve learned that people can’t be trusted

The people that I’ve trusted the most

Took me for granted

And ended up leaving me

What lies behind my smile?

Oh wouldn’t you like to know

I bet if you stopped and quit judging

My whole body

You’ll find that there’s more that

Meets the eye…

Come on, love

And take a closer look….

That’s it, sugar

Can you see it?

Can you feel it?
Do you see her?

Can you empathize with the unhealed little girl inside?


That’s right

You found it!

Well, her I should say

You found what lies behind my Bright Smile

The little girl with a broken heart

Raised by a family full of independent and stubborn women

Where male figures are rare find

No, I was never daddy’s little girl

And I have a feeling I’ll never get anything close to a

Father-Daughter Dance

For those women out there who grew up without fathers,

We’ll always tell ourselves that

“We’re better off without him”

And we like to think that we turned out better than ok

[at least I’d like to think so]

But we’ll never know the love that only a father can give

And many of us spend our lives looking for that love

We’ll smile *ting* and say

“I don’t need him”

And at a certain point in our lives, we won’t

Because by that time, it’ll be too late

Yet, the little girl inside of us remains the same

Unhealed because we won’t allow her to

Whoever said that “time heals all wounds

Was and still is completely full of shit

Because I’ve learned that only you can heal yourself.

Ladies, why do you think guys get over us so quickly?

They heal and move on, while we continue to hold on to what is no longer there


We continue to lie

We constantly tell ourselves the same lie/truth

“You’ve gotten this far without him and Look at you now! He’s the one that’s missing out”

This statement is completely true

Because if we really took the time to reflect on our lives

We would find from our

Mistakes and accomplishments and more

That we would make any parent proud

Only problem is that we just wish that we didn’t force ourselves to believe the truth

Because subconsciously, we tell ourselves that it’s a lie

So the smile stays

Yes, my Bright Smile shines in all of its glory

Even though you think I wear my heart on my sleeve

You truly have no idea who I am

You only know the beginning

I only allow  you to see what I want you to see

Because there's so much more to me than the

Broken-hearted girl that you may have found

My smile does so many things.

My smile is the hook and the bait is that wishful stranger.

All I have to do if tilt my head and flash a side look

With my lips slightly pursed and

Instantly, I’ve captivated his gaze

And he stares at me as if I am the magnificent Aphrodite herself

My smile hypnotizes old flames

It makes them melt

Like ice cream in the blazing sun

My smile has the ability to drive men wild

When lined with chocolate and the inside filled with a blush pink

One flash of my Mona Lisa smirk and they fall to their knees

Keep looking closely, love

Because the position of my lips

Will show you the reality to my true expression

You can read my thoughts that I may never say out loud

Sometimes I like to perform

And I often find myself catering to the crowd

But I know when all else fails

If they don’t remember me and my performance

They’re going to remember my smile

When I smile

I’m in the spotlight

Nothing is like the Titanic

My smile never sinks into the abyss of a frown

[because that causes wrinkles and that’s unattractive]

My smile keeps me afloat

Now that you know a little bit about

What goes on behind my smile

Be careful

The next time

You try and decide

What lies beneath my heart shaped lips

Be careful

Don’t put words there that were never spoken

If you like, you can fantasize

About my smile

And how it looks as good as my thighs

Please love, don’t try and figure out

The rest of my mystery

You will never be as good as those meddling kids

I am not a 22 minute episode of Scooby-Doo

I’m just a woman with a gorgeous smile

Even though there’s some old saying about never trusting a pretty girl with a smile

Well honey, don’t you worry about that

You can probably trust me more than you can trust yourself

No I’m not very predictable

You’ll never know what I’m going to do next

‘Cause I like to keep you guessing

But you can count on
My smile

To always be there to brighten your day

My love

To wash away some of that stress and pain

Because God revealed to me one of my main purposes in life….

To make the people of the world realize that their smile is greater than the Mona Lisa

They need to show it off  because you never know what hopeful stranger

will only need a glance of your pearly whites

Your smile  can make someone’s world a better place and change a life

But it’s your job to instill that right


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