Her beautiful smile


As i walk down this long hall way

i think about all that i could've and should've

i make a slight turn to my left and i see her beautiful smile

and i knew it was all right, i was dazed for a moment


i never seen a 32 piece that hypnotize

it was picture perfect i could have never planed it

i didn't know what to say or how to react so i kept walking


as i began to beat my self up  again i remember her beautiful smile

i began to think she was a gold digger she was  stacking all those diamonds

if i look at her beautiful smile again i might be blinded

but as i looked closer at it i saw the reflection of a failure


i realized it was meant to be like a blind

painting a perfect picture, the only master piece i could think of was her smile


her smile brings joy to the room like a clown and room full of kids

it was a pleasant treat to watch, as she waved i was to dazed to reply

her smile is living proof that there is a point to all this

 if someone can smile for no reason then maybe there is hope for peace


as she turned around and kept walking i began walking up the stairs

all these steps to success makes my body hurt and struggle

but her beautiful smile comes back to my head and relaxes me

like samba music on a hot summer day by the beach as i drink my Pepsi


as i continue life i remember how a terrible day turned great

from just a smile from a beautiful girl

it goes out to show that we help each other each day even if we don't know it


the moment we departed i had trouble forgetting about it

it felt like i had a purpose but i didn't know what to do

i had all this energy but nothing to spend it on

all these confusions brought by just her beautiful smile


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