Confedence in myself


Deep down inside I love myself.

Everyday when I wake up,

I look at myself and know im worth the respect.

Worth the respect, I respect myself

My body, my actions. 

I am a classy lady 

who is flawless.

I walk with Confedence,

I sit with posture,

I dress to impress myself,

My face? 

Yeah Flawless no makeup 

All natural. 

Deep down inside I love myself.

I show the world what im about,

I am that girl who,

Loves Her Self.

Who has High self-confedence for herself .

I am myself 

I did wake up like this.

I do workout to keep my body the way I love to look at myself

And even though I love myself a ton.

I Am the kindest person ever. 

Deep down inside I Love myself. 

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Loving yourself is a very important aspect in anyones life. Many people lack seeing the parts that make them feel beutiful and have high selfseteem towards themself. People need to say how they feel about themself but only the positive parts to their beauty. 

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