Catch a Glimpse

Beauty. What is it?

It is a flower or a tree,

A sunrise or a bee.

It can be a mother or a child,

Who just has that perfect smile.

No. Beauty is NOT perfect

And no words can describe

When beauty is found in the simple things.


Now don't get me wrong

By thinking I'm saying

All simple things have beauty

And details have none.

But for me, I believe,

It is special when you catch a glimpse

Of something, NOT spectacular.

But a tear falls down

And catches the light

And makes your heart sing.


I am thankful for the simple things

For their beauty is not forced.

I am thankful and have gratitude

For the mistake that brings a smile.

I am thankful for the beauty

That comes from a mile.

NOT a thousand,

NOT even two.

Just one, simple one,

That makes all the difference.


I love the simple things

For I am simple too.

But just remember,

That the best things said,

That are beautiful and true,

The ones that make your heart sing,

Can be something simple

Like I Love You.


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