Funny Bones

Funny Bones

Woke up on a Monday morning feeling wavy

Got dressed, grabbed my bag and got crazy

Started dancing, I got my groove on and felled down

Dropped to my knees and started laughing

No one was around to catch me

The kids were off to school so I was safe

Got back on my feet and started to shake

I got my groove back as if I was an old lady

Rocked right to left, left to right like a baby

Stiff as a board, I thought I was doing something

I was moving my funny bone

No one was around, no one was home

Just me and the music in my head

I was smiling and laughing, what a beautiful day ahead

It was like my bone were happy

I couldn’t stop moving

Funny bones was my movement

I started snapping my fingers

I was feeling the beat

All the way to my feet

Began to clap my hands

To what a surprise, I never knew how to dance

Something has come over me

I’m moving on…… These are the sign of having funny bones

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