smile (goes a long way)


United States
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so what the knicks keep choking in playoffs
there is always hope they'll win a championship. you are way off
patrick ewing going for a lay-up rather than a dunk
that move completely stunk
at least you witness a game at the garden unlike others who are in jail for poor choices in which they were slam dunk
goes a long way

the mets haven't won world series since '86
i was how old? ten
i remember that dominant team back then
what happen the year after? they stop being men
at least they won the world series
it goes a long way

so what you found out you boyfriend cheated
got caught red handed so a slap in the face is needed
something better awaits
make sure you stand on both feet when you come back from a war tour in Kuwait
it goes a long way

women intensely working out pumping iron with the i don't need a man attitude
need to be easy and relax. raising the incline in the treadmill to out duel a man shows no magnitude
smile sweetie..........
it goes a long way

i was on my way home
i bought a ticket, but didn't follow direction with train conductor announcement (that was my fault)
i gave my ticket to a white guy who look like a modern day supremacist gang known as the kkk
with a serious face, wrote a ticket like i hopped the turnstile ( i paid it of course)
i notice he was lefty like me. when i told him about lefties, he remain silent wit a serious face
it goes a long way

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