Thu, 05/22/2014 - 12:03 -- MKzing

United States

I walked in subtle stillness,
With the wind as my only companion.
Though waves of emerald splashed beside my feet,
I took little notice,
For my thoughts had become snagged
Upon the lifeless words not spoken long before.
“How?” my dreams wept,
“How could we fall so far,
And remain blatantly oblivious
To that shadow dripping upon us;
That inky hand cast by the head of the mountain,
Whose eyes watch woefully as we rapidly retreat
From the sunsoaked peak atop its crown?”
As my fears mingled with
The silence I slung across my shoulders,
I felt the voice of the wind bring peace to my heart.
“If you have sight, then lead them,” it whispered.
“If you seek peace, then smile,
And guide those whose soles are ensnared in darkness
To walk upon gentler sand.”
With my heart a shade lighter,
I painted the sky with laughter,
and stopped to admire the grass.


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