Beautiful Black Girl


Beautiful Black girl with the natural mean face.

Bestowed with trials and tribulations

of her inherited disadvantaged race.

With a taste of disgrace when she walks into a place.

Death to her own voice, so her percussion rises amongst others.

Beaten and loved by the black and white brothers.

Groomed to grow up in the way of their mothers,

constantly penalized because she is different from others.

Soft skin, cold heart, thick legs,set her apart.  


Beautiful Black girl born into this world longing for greatness

to take her places.

Her yacky curly hair, and if she loves it, we'll that's rare.

To love her man with such care, to have her heart, and her underwear.

Precious smile to cover her fears, precious fingers to wipe her tears.

Blessed child that is  a temple,

withstand the break,to transform into a dimple.

Rage like fire, love like the sea.

Beautiful Black girl born to be.


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