“Your Smile”

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 22:52 -- al012


United States
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Your smile is like the shinning sun on a rainy day
It brings me warmth.
It keeps me warm on all my rainy and snowy days.
Against my will it causes my heart to rain—
Knowing that your smile belongs not to me,
But someone else that is not worthy.

Still your smile brings me joy.
Like eating sweet milky Hershey chocolate;
Sweet and irresistible, but not always attainable

Your smile opens up my heart
Like flowers at dawn during spring,
Only to be later removed and thrown away.

Truly your smile is kind,
Blessing those who see it
And reaching out to those who need it
So it would never want to hurt me,
But it hurts more than you will ever know.
For my heart is punctured every time I think about your smile
that I can only admire from afar.

When you smile at me,
Both my brain and heart respond only to you
Like how ice respond to heat by melting,
Though I never let it become visible
Because you and I seem so impossible; though it hurt it is very logical.

Rarely is your smile not there,
But when I see a frown I feel like my heart might stop.
It hurt to see your tears, knowing that there’s not much I can do.

Whenever I see you sad, my heart feels very heavy and my eyes become red,
It is then that I feel like I will cry; unlike when family members die.
For every time I see you sad I feel like I must give you a big hug,
Protecting you forever to make sure you never cry again
But I cannot even try because I know it is not my place.

When you are sad I feel useless and angry that I cannot bring back your smile.
So if I could and needed to destroy the whole world to bring back your smile, I would do just that.

I wish and pray for the day to come,
When your godly smile is mine alone to protect and cherish.
Though that day may never come,
Your smile still refreshes my mind and heart
Like having perfect iced cold lemonade on a hot summer day
So whenever you need me, you can always find me here
Secretly admiring your godly smile,
Hoping that though you might not be mine,
Someone is always there protecting you and your smile
Because your smile keep me going even when my mind and body says NO!


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