I didn't need the orthodontist

I didn’t need the orthodontist

My crooked teeth were fine

More than fine, really

Everybody said so


I didn’t need the orthodontist

My smile was genuine

More than genuine, really

I knew so


I didn’t need the orthodontist

My happiness was contagious

More than contagious, really

It spread like wildfire


Now I’ve had the orthodontist

I let him “fix” my teeth

But really, there was no change in me

I was always happy, always full, always sharing my one-of-a-kind smile


I still share it.

I still light up the room when I walk in

I still like to make others smile in reflection to my own

The happiness I share with my smile goes beyond

The crooked, straight, yellow, white, big, small, silly, kind

It is my smile

It is my happiness

But I give it to everyone else

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