Make Me Smile

Just because I smile
Doesn't mean I am happy
It means
I like seeing you smile
I don't want you to be sad
I want to see you smile
I will pretend
And then watch you
Run around and have fun
That's what makes me happy
Is watching you
You laugh and joke
And it makes me happy
And then when you cry
I stand there
Your shoulder to cry on
I may be small
And not really good for being
That shoulder
You may be crying
Or laughing
Either way
I am going to
Stand there
And wait until
I can see you happy again
I don't care if it's never
I will keep trying
And when you smile
I will mean my smile
I may sit out of a game
So I can watch you
Have a great time
I don't care if I'm not the one
Who is making you laugh
Instead of crying
I just want to see a smile
To make me happy
And make me smile
I may act little
And childish
But I do that
Because I can see
I care for
And love
And smile
And it reminds me
The good times come back
That the storm keeps moving
It may have been a hurricane
Or a tornado
Or an earthquake
But just because you smile
A few clouds disappear
And every time you smile
I start to see the sun again
It's because
I care
You laugh
And smile
And have fun
But I'm not sure
If you realize that you
The one smiling
And laughing
Is what makes me happy
It makes me laugh
Even if you are acting
Like a complete dork
Just because you start
It all up again
And joke
You may be
Putting up a mask
And when that mask breaks
I will stand there
And be a friend you need
To make you smile again
And make your storm go away
Make your clouds disappear
Even if only a little
To make you smile again


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