I sit here

in the tailgate of the truck

watching the beautiful orange rays from the sun drift into a dark blue

i only have one thing on my mind

but I mean hell you always are

i always like to sit under the stars and look up

or watch the sunsets and just wish you were next to me

instead of watching it alone

because of where you are I know the sun already kissed you good night

and how I wished that were me

I craved your touch as if I've already felt it

i wanted to feel your lips touch mine like how the sun kisses the ocean

I want to feel your skin against mine like how the sun warms the ground below

in a way I referre to you as my sun

constanly lighting up my day

and bringing me joy and fun

but at night when the sun says good bye for now

i look above and see this blue that resembles your eyes when you're happy

Sadly that soon fades away with the sun

and you're left with this blue and billions of stars

but at night things become dark

like the sky

and things come into mind that we're already a part in my past

but then I look in the sky and there still light

The stars

There's billions 

They light up the sky for miles and miles

And they remind me of your smile

I've seen it a billion times

And it can light up my dark world 


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world



wow.. nicely written. you should write more

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