Beautiful Eyes


She smiles so deeply that it leaves imprints on her cheeks.

Her laugh brings joy to others that are far beyond her reach.

She reaches her hand out to touch the souls of others, to help them up after falling too deep.

Many love the brightness she carries but what they can't see is how much she weeps.

She longs for someone to love her like she loves others.

No one can see that as it's stored behind her beautiful eyes.

All she dreams for is a person to look deep inside and find out what she's truly like.

She questions "Is that too much for me to ask?" as shes curled up on her bed at night.

Midnight hits and she just got into her deep sleep. 

There's someone reaching towards her.

But it's not someone who is trying to sweep her off her feet.

Who is it?

It's her father, the person she cared the most for but looked her in the eyes, turn around and said goodbye...

He never came back to her but even years later, she had a piece of hope left inside.

But now, it's gone.

He's too far away.

He's now her angel beyond the clouds, where she can't even see.

Her alarm beeps, she opens her eyes and jumps up to look around but all there is, is the same empty room she always wakes to.

As she wipes the tears off her imprinted cheeks, she gets dressed and ready to start another day with her hopeless dreams which continue to hide behind her beautiful eyes...










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