The Power of a Smile

A single smile.
That's all it takes.

Fake it 'til you make it?
Or just fake it 'til you're gone?

It's funny how all the worries,
All the fears, can be stopped
With a smile.

You smile.
They all accept it.
Not one nagging thought left behind,
Not one person left dwelling,
Not after a smile.

Because who could ever fake
Something as pure as happiness,
As basic as content,
As hard to truly achieve
As enlightenment?

Happiness isn't as simple as a smile.
Okay isn't as simple as a smile.
Even fine isn't as simple as a smile.

Isn't it funny?
All it takes is a smile.
Everyone assumes fine, okay, happiness.
But you just feel lost.

They'll all accept your smile,
And you'll be left wishing they could tell.


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