The Silver in my Sleepy Morning

The awkward, quiet, concentrated air fills the morning

As the birds try to sing but only sound like sandpaper to my ringing ears

I sluggishly move the plush covers on top of me to the side

Now my body exposed to the frigid winter air

Swallowed cereal disappears from my bowl

I suppose I look like a dead rat by the way my mother stares at me

With an active motion I suddenly leap towards the door

As I love you echoes through the house

Thinking about seeing all my unique friends jerks my brain awake

The thought of just being able to see my other half fills me with joy

I am now ready to see what the day is willing to throw my way

Waiting for the cramped bus while shivering to the music in my ears

My friends nagging each other just like the day before

As we all argue loudly about who will sit with whom on the bright yellow bus

The sudden piercing squeal of the clenching brakes

All of the impatient students urge and shove each other to climb aboard

I'm again squished between two strangers with a smell that makes my nose curl

Walking off the bus is a breeze compared to getting on

My eyes immediately focus on the man that now craddles my hand

As he walks me to class I can't help but give him a simple kiss on the cheek

The start to my day is now complete

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