What happened?


I promised myself that I'd never change.
I declared to the world that I would remain, forever the same.
Strength was my middle name, 
And I could not be tamed!
What happened?
Everybody can see that I dropped the ball.
I'm not me at all. I'm standing 5 inches past 5 feet tall,
And I'm ready to fall. I'm depressed and angry, and I don't even recall,
What made me this way; I was tamed after all.
What happened?
I feel like a disgrace.
Like coming in last in my teams best race.
My eyes are forever crying like they're constantly sprayed with mace.
I'm ashamed I let it get this far, I don't even want to show my face.
What happened?
My life had shattered.
The impossible had happened, and nothing mattered.
Looking back at it now, I'm not flattered.
I refuse to let my life become so tattered.
What happened?
I'm better than this. 
Even in the darkest of times, I always find bliss.
Never will I let my happiness become a black abyss.
I'm shooting to be invincible, and I will not miss.
What happened?
After so many puddles of tears on my kitchen tile,
I'm done crying, 'cause life is nothing but a trial.
The answer is to stay positive, even if you're running a sad mile.
What I did wrong, was I forgot to smile. 
I know what happened.


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