It's Your Style, It's Your Smile

It is your style

It is your smile

It is the charisma

It is the aroma

The way you talk

The way you walk

The way you touch

The rainbow of my soul

Oh! I love you so much

You know very well that I am not a fool

I am a connoisseur who loves class

Intelligence, beauty, elegance, and style

You fit that profile and you passed

All the tests with a gentle smile.


You make me walk on the air

You cause me to denude, to bare

Everything out from the depth

Of my soul. To me, you are a myth

An alluring angel without wings

A genuine saint without halo and rings

I want to be with you to marry you tonight

I want to love you forever my love, that’s right

You are my sunshine on cloudy days

You are my moonlight when I am dazed

You are my compass, my beacon

You are my darling, my mignonne.


I love absolutely everything about you

You are my beer at night, my honeydew

When it is too hot to breathe, to relax

My red wine after dinner; your style rocks

You are it, the elixir, so to speak

You make me reach my peak

You are without a doubt my moon after dark

And my laser cane in the beautiful park

Of life. I love the way you talk to me

The way you touch me, the way you rock me.



You are my eternal inspiration

The woman of ideas and actions

You are the flowers of spring and summer

You are my honey, my pride and honor

Let me admire you, let me give you an infinite kiss

You are my sunshine, and of course, my eternal bliss

It is the freshness of your saliva

Which thrills and tickles my aorta

It is your style

It is your smile

The way you talk

The way you walk.


Copyright © August 1998, Hébert Logerie, All rights reserved

Hébert Logerie is the author of several collections of poetry.



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My community
My country
Our world


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