Two sisters
Meet at the mirror
The mirror that contains nothing else but sorrow and pain
Their eyes don't like what they see
Both thinking "She doesn't know what it's like to be me"
While replacing their salty tears with a perfected "I'm okay" smile
They walk the halls as people frown on their looks
Their arms aren't the right size
Neither are their waist, their bust, nor their thighs
They don't fit society's standards
They run to the mirror
And close their eyes in hope that everything changes
But it doesn't
So they scream and smash the mirror
And picked up a knife
And contemplated taking their life
Life's hard to endure
They're looking for a cure
And perfect beauty is what they're
To silence the laughter

But somebody told them
The world's getting colder
Whenever they need to
Lean on God's shoulder
He worked so hard on them
So there's no need to fix what he the beauty he has created

So they both return to the mirror
Grinning a mile
Showing their sister
Their crooked smile.


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