Meditation In The Morning

Mon, 10/17/2016 - 00:20 -- sbarr

An orchestra of chimes jolts my body from a peaceful rest,

My soul is shaken and ungrounded by the disturbance.

The only remedy to this violent anomaly is a brief moment

Sitting softly on my rug with my hands open to the universe.


One moment of meditation each morning,

A time of brief stillness to carry me through the day.

It brings balance to my soul,

And strength to keep my actions under control.


My heart fills up with the silence that surrounds me,

I’m only a body floating in this space.

Thoughts rush around my head,

But I’m only an observer of the stream that they create.


Once I break the bind I have made with the universe,

I smile because I will find it again next dawn.

My practice is the soil and sun,

While my mind is the branching tree.

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