Smile with Love

I see you

and I smile

then you smile back

only to make my smile grow bigger

to where you

can see a mouth full of teeth

a smile

I've never been proud of

but you

you make me feel beautiful

this rare yet marvelous feeling

that disintegrates in the judgments of unsatisfied sinners

but when we look into each other's eyes

they all seem to fade away

like nothing else matters

and what was, what is, and what will be is us

and only us

time does not exist

the world does not spin

there is nothing

but the way

I feel for you

and the way you

make me feel

some compare love

to the feeling of flying

the freedom

and the fear for falling back down

for crashing

but the crashing is the best part

crashing into a life filled with happiness and pain

and sometimes even laughter and tears

and knowing that you are able to feel

is the best feeling

it shows that we, humanity, are capable of feeling

the beauty is that we can feel something for someone other than ourselves

we are far more complex than wanting something for us

we want the other person's happiness

we want their love

we need their love

love is what makes us happy

its what makes us get up in the morning

its what makes us smile

and this feeling that I have for you may be love

but i know

you are my reason to wake up

you are my reason to smile

and you are the feeling of flying

so when you are looking at me

and are smiling back

I know that there is love


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