The Hood Hercules

Noise of alarms and bells screams through the penitentiary. Inmate 1276, better known as street name 1031 Herc, is sitting down contemplating about what he is going to do when he finally gets out. He sits waiting for his name to be called by the warden, so he’ll finally be able to go through the double doors, and get out of this wasteland. It's been five years since he’s seen outside; five years since freely roaming his hood, wild n’ out like a bat out of hell. He wasn’t always like this, (at least I don’t think he was, don’t know, I'm just the narrator). So everyone buckle in your seatbelts, grab yo’ gat, and shut up yo’ baby mama. It's time for a story.
Down in the slums of Opulus, inside OG Zeus’s house, Og Zeus sits on the couch, with the door ajar, and stealthy “tries” to hit up his homies to let them know about the situation. The phone rang and rang. No answer. He tries to call them again. Still no answer. He was increased with rage and asked, “Where these dudes at mane!? Dang! Bruh!” OG Zeus was the thuggest god of them all. After taking the throne from his father, King Crone, he became the most realest person of them all, and took up the lighting rod. Since then, no other god wanted to beef with him (like literally the dude made a mixtape, nobody spoke on it, but the stuff was trash). Anyway back to the story… The phone vibrates intensely, and all that was heard was, “Yo my name is OG Zeus, the realest god out here with lighting to shoot.”

Quick pause again, promise won’t be that much, but can I just point out that everytime I hear that line it sends a shiver through my spine. He wonder why dudes be literally praying on his down fall.
“Yo it’s about time yall pick up the phone, dang!” said an angry Zeus. His homie picked up the phone angrily.
“Bruh what the hell? It’s three in the morning, people got to work in the A.M. dog”, Ares said.
“Look look, man shut up... Dude it seems I forgot to wrap it up again,” said Zeus nonchalantly.
“Zeus dude don’t tell me that you got yet another girl pregnant,” said ironically…
O yea did I forget to mention, OG Zeus has a wife, Heresha, goddess of marriage and all the hot moms out here. See see but OG Zeus, he likes to creep around. He is not a “one woman” type of dude. Naw naw. He likes to go for any girl who is bad and boujee!! You feel me my guys! Now look ladies, I understand yall too these men ain't loyal. Come on audience show these women some love… alright back to the story.
So as Zeus and Ares sat on the phone and creeping in the hallway with an ear listening, who better than it to be than Heresha, she listens and her temper and anger steadily raising, more and more of her sanity is lost. She bursts the door wide open, storming in with immense rage, patting her weave with every step.
“I know good and well you not doing this again. You going behind my back again!”
“Listen female, I told you I would stop. This was the last time now.”
“I just find it funny how you think you can go out here and creep around with these other mortal females and not expect me to cut a girl,” Heresha said swinging her weave and arms flailing.
“Look here female, I gotta go. I don't have time for this. Me and the guys got a pool night.”
Zeus walked away, as calm as ever. For Heresha, however, she stood there angry, blood boiling like water in a pot, and now that pot was about to topple over. The woman Zeus was messing with was a girl named Alcmenesha. (yes I know the names kill me as well, like does every hood girl name have to have an -esha in it, come on now my black women be creative.) Now Alcmenesha is in the hospital waiting for her children to be born, not knowing the wonders that her one son is going to do. Not knowing that Zeus won’t claim that child, and not pay child support. Tonight is the night a great child is born; a great child of amazing strength and street knowledge. She will bare Hercules and his twin.
Of course later on he would change is name to 1031 Herc, for god knows why?, but hey you do what you want when you poppin. Alcmenesha sat in the bed, patiently and carefully holding the new born Hercules. As the lights gaze upon her, she ponders through her thoughts; thinking of how her son will grow, that heavenly child support Zeus would pay (she thought), and most importantly would her sons be safe. She knew of Zeus’s wife, and how crazy the woman was; that Heresha would come after Herc and his twin, and decided to give them to her Grandmother in Boeotia, still in the hood but on the outskirts.
Fast forward a few years and 1031 Herc, Hercules, is confidently spitting game at the female (you know got the new Jordans god edition and got the waves on deck). He is at the bar, until a mysterious lady, named Megeresha, walks up and starts to speak with him. At first he is startled by this woman, but he reluctantly lets her buy him a drink. He laughs tryna to hit her with “that smile”(all the guys know what im talking about); he thinks it works because she walks away, leaving her number. He downs the drink, thinking he's all that(because he goes home bragging to his homies, thinking he is THAT dude). “Come on bro, I got the girls number, ya dig ya dig.” boast Herc.
“Let me guess, you gotta a girl’s number” said P-Troc smirkingly.
“Naw bro you hella salty, Im finna to go hit her up with a text” Herc flustered
Herc went to his room, only to find he was sleepy; his vision slowly faded then blacked out. The next time he woke up was in handcuffs, with the blood of his homies covered all over his body. He was dazed, confused and tried to explain what happened, but it was too late he didn’t even have a chance against the system. He soon ended up in prison but was let out on bail by his cousin urRicky. Now here we are him walking out of prison toward his cousin car. He sat not making a sound, too busy thinking about inside that hell-hole. His cousin complains to him about how Herc owes him for this; “ 12 things I need from you dog, and then we cool” said urRicky. Herc accepted, knowing he was about to get in some B.S.

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