This Little Brain Of MIne

When no one else sees it, when no one else hears it, when no one feels it; THIS LITTLE BRAIN OF MINE does.

Through thick and thin, thoughts lost, and emotions gone; THIS LITTLE BRAIN OF MINE is there to find them.

After a long day, a hard test, or bad arguement; THIS LITTLE BRAIN OF MINE comes back even harder than before.

My happiness, love, and passion; THIS LITTLE BRAIN OF MINE brings it out of me.

The intelligence, wit, and personality I possess; THIS LITTLE BRAIN OF MINE keeps them safe.

Because THIS LITTLE BRAIN OF MINE isn't so little. It stores all of the above, yet it's still the underdog, the secret weapon, the buried treasure. Looks aren't everything, especially for me, so until that can be proven wrong THIS LITTLE BRAIN OF MINE will continue to grow, to thive, to be all that it can be.


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