I Smile


I smile when I think of my parents laughing,
not understanding what they say, not a single thing.

I smile when I capture a beautiful scene,
loving the chemistry that lies in between.


I smile when I’m with my family,
those people who will always love me.

I smile to make others smile,
even if it’s just for a little while.

I smile at the silliness I see,
when there’s been a little bit of coffee in me.

I smile when I’m with my best friend,
my unbiological sister until the end.

I smile when I jam in my car,
not caring if people think I’m bizarre.

I smile even when things are rough,
to remind myself not to give up.

I smile at how far I have come,
it’s just so hard to begin to fathom.


I smile because I am alive,
and in this life do I plan to strive.(Original image by me)


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