Abominable Sinner

Feeling good, oh so perfect 
Maybe the pain was really worth it
Passing through my depression 
Set aside my aggression 
Although it returns so abruptly 
It passes by, I don't stay stuck B
And when you're scream fuck me
I just say that I'm lucky 
Although you kiss me softly 
You're my early morning coffee
In the end, you deplete me
Broke me down to defeat me
But you can't beat me
I'm a winner
I'm an abominable sinner
Make sure you don't forget it
All these scars, I dont regret it
I'm never quite pleased 
I rarely wait for karma
I handle it on my own
This vengeance makes me stronger
With ignorance so viral 
It's like you all are duplicated 
A tragic repetition 
Their minds are something super faded
A fog in the distance 
A blurred sense of hope
Because when I think it's real
It ends up like a hoax
But what's the point of jokes
If laughter doesn't live on?
The smiles wipe away
And the happiness is gone
Memories last a lifetime 
So let me bask in my past 
Remind myself to smile
Because it could always be my last


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