You're Beautiful

Please never stop smiling.

Your smile brightens up my whole world,

your smile is so unique -

I love it.

You are unique and special and perfect in your own way.

You are so loved by so many people,

but you don’t see your worth

You look down on yourself because you think people look down on you.

You call yourself ugly and stop caring;

you look at yourself and see absolute horror,

but I look at you and I see a beautiful person.

I see the purest person in there,

And you need to let that person out -

because that person inside is kind and you need to show the world who you are.

Because I know you aren’t that person you show

I know for a fact that you aren’t that.

You hide all of your amazing talents locked away in a box

You show people the person you're not, the person you want to be

Don’t be what everyone wants you to be, be who you are.

Show people the real you:

Let them see it and they will believe it.

Because you are perfect, you are pure.

You are aren't the person you're showing everyone

You’re something so much more than that.

You’re amazing but you still don’t see it

People love you, I love you;

I love you just the way you are

I love the person you are today, tomorrow, and the rest of my life

You are my world,

You are my light,

You are my life,

And you are me.


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