Make You Smile


United States
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There are bumps in the road.
Many tears to cry.
There can be laughter and smiles
All you need to do is try.
Discover the places that make you smile
But stop and look once in a while.

It won’t always stay this way.
Everything changes, no one to blame.
New things to learn and new things to change.
The world is your classroom, learn as you may.

Learn to face your fears, conquer the troubles.
There is no one to depend on but each other.
Your family and friends can only help so far.

You’ll get over the struggles, just wait and see.
Soon you’ll be shining, glowing, and free.

As you grow older you will learn,
That everything you faced made you, you.

The world teaches you in its own way,
That you can’t get everything right away.
It teaches you patient, love, and kindness.
To learn and accept the things you’ve been given.

This may not get through to you,
Be stuck somewhere in your head.
But deep down inside you’ll remember what it has said.
It is up to you to create your path.
It is up to you to decide if it lasts.
Not one can help you if you don’t want it.
Just take a deep breath my child and discover the places that make you smile.


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