She had a smile that would brighten your day.

Not just one of those smiles that some old guy would say “nice smile sweetcheeks”

Her smile made your soul bleed and the blood



down your spine, and made you paralyzed.

But you would not mind, being stuck in that moment is the best thing in your life.

Making you hope that G-God exist,

so you would not have to long for that smile.

Her smile was the light outside a cave that you have been looking for.

It was the smashing of the oceans on the side of the beach,

which made your heart wash away.

But you did not mind.

It was the sun, keeping your universe in your veins and

your feet on the ground.

It would be those winter nights next to her,

with the glimmer ofthe fire.

It was the rush of adrenaline

that made you push.
She was the reason that you go.

Her smile would never run out because

she lives off your happiness.

And it makes the birds chirp, and the floors bloom.

The lobes of your brain were just a bumpy highway,

and she was that clear patch ahead.

She was the waking of the morning, with the light of the day.

Because her smile was not like no other.

It made your legs shake

and your bones chatter.

The explosion of your spine.

Breaking with light

That when I look away from the mirror,

even if I have tears in my eyes.

That smile can make my day.


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