Loving you is

I believe in not asking favors of someone you wouldn't do a favor for.

I believe in the sacred entitlement of a friend,

And lastly I believe in honesty and loyalty.


They say the world works in mysterious ways,

And the rules they were supposed to follow somehow bend.

No one wants anything from you if you're poor.


These things seem to fall apart,

The seals come undone. broken like the Leviathan in the livid eyes of mine,

Screwed into a smile, 

Wasting our time.


It's a impossibility that I can not inhibit 

A tragedy that I cannot cry over,

The imposter of the shadows hanging over my head. 

It is being lonely at the crack of dawn when your lover is no longer waiting for you. 

It is being wide awake when you deserve a nice dream,


It is a broken piece of plastic,

No better than the silver spoon that's fit in every child's mouth,

The unknowing struggle in the back of every parents mind.


It is being alone before you know the definition of the word. 

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