A Game of Smiles

I was young and I wasn't free 
But I am capable of dancing when I'm happy
I heard they said that made me pretty
So I put on a smile, gracefully

I tried to be sweet,
lovely, nice, and neat
I think they liked me for that
So I put on an smile, adorably

I am good yet I am not
I am silent yet I am loud
I'm sure they weren't aware of that
So I put on a smile, deceivingly

In this carefree person hides
A ticking time bomb of facades
Well, I bet they didn't know that
So I put on a smile, subtlely

Soon, I'll grow tired of this game
For I really am peevish and I talk straight
They may leave me, though some may stay
New ones will come and no one's to blame

So I'll put on a smile, slowly
Next time, it won't be that easy

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