Her Hand


Her alarm went off at six in the morning

She heard wedding bells in her sleep,

then the snooze went off-- a warning.


He turned on the coffee pot,

somewhere on the other side of town.

“Today is the day” Relieving, he thought.


She picked up the phone to call her mother.

“Today’s the big day!” they shrieked.

One more cup of coffee... okay, I’ll have another.


His bag is packed, all planned for their night.

On his way to pick up the tux he thought,

remember to mix the whiskey with something-- maybe sprite?


Her hair, her make up, her nails, all done.

The final fitting, the final zip.

This is it. Her life has now begun.


He is waiting now,

eyes are on him. His voice shakes for

this day, he shall give her his vow.


She waits behind two closed doors.

Walking slow, with daddy on her arm.

“Finally”, she thinks, “He’s all yours”


I do’s are said, now the big finale.

Everyone smiles, then cheers.

She’s in his arms walking down the pew valley.

Momma's eyes welled up with tears...


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