Smile For Each Heartbeat


United States
27° 56' 54.672" N, 80° 41' 17.4192" W

Laying on your chest, I hear your heart race.
Like a secret locked inside you, and I barely get a taste.

You conceal your emotions well, but your body betrays you.
Trying to be calm, though I can see through.

But I lay within your arms and don’t bother to hide
all the emotions i’m feeling inside.

My smile is wide, all my teeth show
as i stare at you and I feel my cheeks glow.

They say music speaks what words cannot


Your heart beats make music with
my heart beats make music with
our heart beats make music that create a lullabye

and as i fall asleep
I smile

for each heart beat

speaks the words I dont need to hear aloud

I feel them in my heart.



This poem was lovely and I am so glad to have read it. It really does make m think of laying on a loved one's chest and being able to fall asleep there. It was a beautiful memory to be able to turn into a poem. Thank you so much for sharing. I actually did enjoy very much the way you structured the poem because i gave away the way you wanted it to be read byt the reader, almost giving away the entire melody it would have had you read it yourself.

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