Heartbreak too soon


 You think he is cute, he dresses nice, a little player, but he is into you. "I can make him change", thinks the girl that is still in her teens. You fail to realize that he is young too. An ignorant, adolescent, that has no clue how to treat you. But don't be fooled. That ignorant, adolescent still has some tricks and schemes. Though you think he loves you, it is not what it seems. He plays all these games. Yet your heart is not the aim. Making you feel stupid, yet he's not the one you blame. "He loves me", is all that you think. Until he leaves you shranded, picking up your own heart peice by peice. Hatred in your heart, newly builded trust issues. All because you misread the unsaid clues. Now to any compliment you heart is immune. All because you had your heart broken too soon.


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