There's still hope inside.

Sun, 10/09/2016 - 04:03 -- pavster

The sun’s peeking at me.

Tickling my face, somehow sliding under my covers.

My pillow’s so soft,

My blanket so warm,

My dream still beckoning,

But I need to get up and live.



Giggle at the quacks of ducks outside.

Peek out the window and realize they’re actually squirrels jumping by.

Sip that warm latte and look up at the sky.

Find a little cloud that seems to just want to run and hide.


Smile as my crush taps my shoulder and says hi.

Giggle as his eyes meet mine.

Heart fluttering as I realize

I’ve still got a reason to be alive.



Walk into a room with beckoning laughter.

They all knew it was the day I’d been after.

Balloons floating, cake smearing, crazy singing, hugs and kissing.

They had remembered and cared—I was born today.


Born as a girl shy and afraid to smile.

Born as a girl who knew nothing but to hide.

Born as a girl who’d rather scream and disguise

Born as a girl who would let her days fly by.



Live for that time you’ll bake those cookies just right.

Live for the day you’ll publish your own book.

Live for that moment you’ll see true love in his eyes.

Live for the day you’ll hold her little pinky in your mommy hand.


I tell myself it’s okay to be scared sometimes.

It’s okay that he forgot to say goodbye.

It’s okay that you’re too shy to say hi.

It’s okay if you’d rather talk to the stars and the glittering moon at night.

All that matters is that you get up try.


Get up and give yourself a chance—

A chance at living that dream you’ve always had,

A chance at finding the man you love,

A chance at being healed and sealing your cuts.


I tell myself:

Get up today.

It’s okay if you cry.

It’s okay if you don’t know how to go by.

It’s okay to not have a reason to stay alive.


Just live.

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