I Am A Woman Not An Object


She woke up like that, she’s flawless

But I woke up disoriented, messy-haired, and a hot mess

Rolled out of bed in my jammies with no makeup

I was still depressed about my latest breakup

He told me I was ugly, no good, and fat

That I disgusted him because I was such a huge brat

I’m a girl who should have “stayed in her place

Shouldn’t have questioned his authority because I was only good for the chase

I must aspire to marriage, because I am female

My goals and ambitions are simply a holy grail

I looked in the mirror and stared at the scars on my face

When did a man laying his hands on me equate to putting me in my place

I am independent, strong, and free

My imperfections do not hold me back; all I can really do is be me

I will never again rely on a man for happiness

Because my soul shines with the highest brightness

I am flawless, and I wake up like that

I look in the mirror and think “fat? Who’s fat?”

Not I, because I’ve realized women are no objects

We are graceful swans who are very complex

I am beautiful in every way imaginable

No longer will I let myself be taken advantage of because I am fragile

I rolled out of bed like this, I’m flawless

Don’t put your limitations and boundaries on me; I’m lawless

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Loving this poem!!

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