My Generation Calls


We will change discrimination of the scars on our wrists:
They stop and stare at the crimson stain
You walk with confidence to hide the pain
Short sleeves and shorts you aren't ashamed
To show off the scars to those you blame
Your journey ahead shines bright
Though you may not see it now, at the end of the tunnel there's light
If you live for today and forget tomorrow
Your precious emotions and heart people will no longer borrow
Let your smile pierce there soul
Rise from the ashes like a burning coal
Keep that chin up and persevere
Those who hurt you will see your hope and cower in fear
Live through the day and have strength for the next
Those who saw you fall will watch you rise will be perplexed 
Psychologically your memory will burn in there mind
Because those who rise against are one of a kind
Things only get better if you force them to 
People don't know that real pain and struggle that we do
No more cuts. No more tears
No more hurt. No more fears
No more lost in destruction 
No more venom in your heart it's time for reconstruction. 
It's time for a new day
It's time for a cause 
It's time for a new way
It's time to give your self an applause
You made it this far there's no turning back
Even in the darkest place your demons won't attack. 
Giving up is ending your book
Smiling because you deserve it is your new look
We stand on those who try and hold us down
No more tears when no one's around
Change their life by smiling at their glare
Let them see your beauty, let them gaze, let them stare
This is our time. Our generation. Don't descriminate against your kind. We all look the same on the inside. 


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