A Smile


United States
33° 39' 26.2728" N, 112° 27' 53.6688" W

A smile
A simple upturn
An expression in two peices of flesh
A sparkle, a glimmer, a shine inside
Not just happiness for you
But for someone else too
A smile
Brightening someone's day
Lighting up a room
Touching hearts
A smile
Reassuring children
Starting new friendships
Bonding families
Forming relationships
A smile
Intertwining cultures
Making peace in times of war
A symbol of understanding
Treaties between countries
A smile
Healing patients
Curing illness
Creating hope
Fighting cancer
A smile
Evoking laughter
Starting chain reactions
Warming souls
Making a house a home
Not for others, but for yourself
As a natural remedy for rainy days
Will you smile?


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