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Sleep to the sound of the music telling you your okay

Break the barrier of tears, you've been holding in all day

Smile at the sunrise coming up over the hill

Punch the person in the face, who tells you to "fucking chill" 

Get a tattoo on your right or left arm

Reminding you of all the times you've self-harmed 

Be as weird as you can, scare everyone away

The people who love you will join you and stay 

Life is hard and filled with more dissappointment than hope

The torchure you feel won't end by the rope

Laugh with the people you love, go do crazy shit

Sneak out late at night and take lots of hits 

Remeber your worth and who you truely are 

Go out and do donuts with an old car

Learn through experience you don't have to survive 

You can break rules and find lots of ways to feel alive

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My community
Our world


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