What Makes Me Smile

Fri, 09/19/2014 - 11:55 -- damono


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United States
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There are a few weird things that make me happy

Like the smell of rain falling or midday napping
Playing basketball every morning in the summer
Seeing the underdog become the overcomer
On second thought they’re not too weird but they make me smile
Like my lack of knowing what clothes are in style
Then there’s sunshine and the beach and other normal things
And then there’s other stuff like a squirrel running
My favorite animal though would have to be the meerkat
I frequent the zoo just to watch them roam in their habitat
I also enjoy singing and dancing in the car
It may be off key but while driving I’m a star
To say I love women’s basketball wouldn’t be quite enough
I don’t think there are words to describe how much I love
Watching my favorite teams UConn and Notre Dame
Compete hard and stand tall each and every game
Some don’t care for women’s basketball and that’s just fine
But I can’t get enough even when it’s game time
Other things make me happy like playing Pokemon
I’m 19 now but hey that was my childhood come on
The nostalgia I get from really anything I can
Always makes me smile no matter what’s on my hands
And visiting the places I used to go as a child
They always calm me down when things get too wild
Just a glimpse into the world that keeps me sane
From meerkats to women’s basketball to falling rain
When the sun seems like it’s going away for a while
In the end these things are what help me smile 



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