We Can NOT Love

I love you, I really do

But you know we can not be.

We are too afraid to face reality.

We have been to close for far too long,

And found our spot of comfort.

We will never move beyond that,

For fear of loosing what we have,

So well balanced and delicate,

It isn't hard to destroy that.


I love you my friend,

I have dropped my hints.

I have given you a chance.

I know you feel at least the same

On some level torwards the heart's frame.

My subtle hints slip by,

You've done nothing at all.

Nothing wrong,

nothing right,

Nothing different at all.


I won't see this crash and burn,

You, my friend, is one of the things I still have,

One of the few people who hasn't caused me to hurt.

I have probably hurt you,

More times than you know,

But I will do this to save us

The pain of our plight.


I love you, I swear I do.

I refuse to get hurt,

And I refuse to hurt you.

I love you my friend,

Unfortunately our nonexistent relationship

That will come to and end.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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